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Granular permissions and auditability

Lookatme™ is expert at controlling access to images. Lookatme™ prevents metadata and digital assets that are sensitive, internal-only, or pending approval from being published externally. This is what we do best.

Lookatme™ leverages the comprehensive features of Lookatme™ to manage permissions to a fine granular level.

For example you could request configuration like this:

  • ‘Contributor’ role can upload images but not edit data
  • ‘Editor’ role can edit metadata but not upload images

You can have a metadata approval cycle for quality assurance, affording you flexibility in task allocation.

Comprehensive reporting logs all downloads against relevant project codes or cost centres.

Licensing management is a core competency of ours – that’s why VISCOPY (Copyright Agency Limited) uses our solution. With Lookatme™ you can have the confidence to include restricted images knowing the copyright licensing conditions can be managed easily.

Users can be allowed to download watermarked images, and submit layouts for approval before being granted access to high-res files.

Authorised power users can have instant download privileges.

Restricted images can be referred back to the administrator before download

Restricted users can have all their requests vetted.

Non-self-service requests can be managed within the system.

Lock down or open up, it’s up to you: case by case, user by user, image by image, Album by Album. Access can be as simple or as complex as you desire.

But whatever happens, all access and usage is recorded and tracked against user names.

Lookatme™ reports are available for a wide range of auditable aspects of the system. Each report has filter for a number of variables and date ranges.

Reports can be viewed in print-friendly mode or downloaded as .CSV and customised in a spreadsheet format.

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