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Australian Made Lookatme™
Digital Asset Management Solution

For more than a decade, Lookatme™ has set the benchmark for Digital Asset Management solutions worldwide, with industry-leading features and user acceptance. It's why many governments, private, public and non-profit organisations prefer Lookatme™. It's also why Lookatme™ has one of the highest retention rates of any solution in its space.

Australia made


Our secret sauce

Many organizations worldwide may not know that Lookatme™ is an Australian Made and supported solution. In fact, your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is now certified Australian Made and proudly carries the 'Australian Made' brand.

The influence of Australians on Australian Made Lookatme™

Australians are a pragmatic bunch. We're not interested in hype. We like products that deliver on their promise, and we want solutions that make the world better. These values have been critical to the development of Lookatme™. The latest version of your Lookatme™ DAM is by far the most advanced solution of its type. It's easier and better to use. It has smarter and more intuitive features. It has more streamlined workflows and uses AI to improve content creation and discoverability. Many of these features would not have been possible without the direct input of our long-term Australian users.  

Australian Made, Australian supported

The feedback we receive through our Australian Customer Support team plays a vital role in developing our solutions. From the information we collect through our self-guided help center, to local phone support and user training, our team works tirelessly with our clients to continue to improve our solutions, exceeding expectations and demonstrating to the world the value of Australian ingenuity.

Australian Made, internationally recognized

Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution has been recognized with US and Australian patents. With its multilingual capabilities, Lookatme™ has become a preferred solution in many countries around the globe. World-leading Australian brands use their Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution to engage with media groups globally. 

A proud Australian heritage

Australia is a dynamic nation. Our diversity plays an important role in our ability to engage with the world. Our diversity is part of our heritage. As an Australian Made accredited solution, we cherish our Australian heritage and our team's diversity.  We are also grateful for the contribution that our clients and users have made to the development of a solution that demonstrates Australia has more to offer the world than natural resources and agriculture. Lookatme™ is a world-class example of what Australian Made represents.

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