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DAM cost calculator


If you’re just looking for a DAM cost calculator, then you’re probably only seeing half the picture. What you need is a DAM benefit calculator, which helps you determine which Digital Asset Management solution best fits your current and future needs.

Why should I look at the benefits first?

If you intend to invest in a Digital Asset Management solution, then you’re making a long-term commitment. Chances are once you’ve made a choice, you will stick with it for five years or more. If you’re making such a long-term commitment, you will want to be sure of making the right choice. To do that, you need insights based on your current situation and specific needs.

How do I know what’s the right DAM for my organization?

The best DAMs (or Digital Asset Management solutions) bring discipline and control to brand and image asset management. The right solution will fit your organization, your people and your culture. It will also mitigate risk and add value to your digital asset library. More importantly, it will ensure it’s effortless for the right people to access the digital assets they need to complete tasks or communicate key marketing messages.

Why is a DAM better than Dropbox or a file management solution?

Images, videos, brand assets, PDFs and other digital assets proliferate. Controlling who uses these files and how they are accessed is just the beginning. A good DAM can also help manage version control and copyright. A professional-grade DAM like Lookatme™ also includes search functions using AI and automatic generation of derivatives (files formatted for specific channel usage). The range of search options available within Lookatme™ makes it simple to search for assets, even if you don’t know their names. Visual searches and collaboration features such as Teambox complete the management circle and transform your digital asset collection into one of your organization's most valued assets.

Build a business report on your digital asset collection

Lookatme™ wants to help you understand the value of your digital asset collection, as well as the risks associated with how you currently manage that collection and the potential cost savings to your organization.

Click on the link below to produce a comprehensive report specifically for your organization. You’ll find it’s an invaluable resource for helping you and your team make the right choice when choosing a Digital Asset Management solution.

Try our DAM Benefit Calculator

DAM Calculator


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