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5 reasons to secure your brand assets with a DAM solution

Whether it’s the website, online ads, social media, video or downloadable PDFs, it appears that brands are becoming increasingly dependent on the digital assets that make up their online presence.

Whether it’s the website, online ads, social media, video or downloadable PDFs, it appears that brands are becoming increasingly dependent on the digital assets that make up their online presence. So why is it they pay such little attention to how those assets are managed? Most brand managers have assets spread across countless computers and digital devices, over most of which they have little or no control. The belief is that photographers, ad and PR agencies, designers, videographers and countless other digital content creators are properly storing and protecting the digital assets they generate for their clients. The cold hard truth is many are not, and those who are, aren’t always doing it properly.

If you are a brand manager, the question you need to ask yourself is ‘are my digital assets secure?’ The reality is that the only way you can be sure is if they remain within your control and are professionally managed through a Digital Asset Management software solution. The following outlines just five of the many reasons why you need to secure your digital assets with a current generation Digital Asset Management solution.

Reason #1. Hard disks fail

When CDs were first released, producers believed they had a lifespan of over 100 years. Today they believe that figure is more like 10 years, and most of us know even that is an optimistic view. The same can be said of hard disks. They have a reputation for failing when you least expect, and the consequences can be dire.

Even more concerning is the digital assets that reside on individual desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These devices are even more prone to failure.

Even the servers you have within your data centre will fail - eventually. The only way you can be sure that your digital assets remain secure is to engage with a solution such as Lookatme™, which uses multiple levels of security and multiple backups of your digital assets. Lookatme™ even has a smart app that allows digital assets to be uploaded directly through mobile devices.

Reason #2. Relationships have a limited shelf life

Today you may have a great relationship with your ad agency. Tomorrow may be another story. The same is true of your favourite photographer, the designer who pulls you out of the fire or your marketing assistant who you trust implicitly.

The reality is that almost every professional relationship you have has a limited shelf life and once that relationship expires, so may the goodwill. For anyone who has transitioned from one supplier to the next, you will understand how much more difficult that process becomes if you’re chasing them for every single piece of brand collateral and digital asset they have ever produced. It’s better if you have controlled where those assets are stored at the time they were created. This is the benefit of a professional Digital Asset Management solution such as Lookatme™. Lookatme™ allows you to manage approval processes, keep hi-resolution and multiple derivatives and the individual components that your digital assets are composed of, in the one secure solution, over which you have absolute control.

Reason #3. Digital assets are expensive and time consuming to produce

It you took the time to create a spreadsheet that included all of the costs of developing all of your digital assets, you would be astounded at the investment you have made. Any other asset of such value in your organisation is secure and insured. So why are you so complacent about your digital assets? A Digital Asset Management solution such as Lookatme™ has multiple layers of security and backup ensures your assets are always secure and accessible when and where you need them.

Reason #4. Leaked digital assets can undermine my communication strategy

The average brand manager places an awful lot of faith in the suppliers they use. They assume that everyone in the organisations they work with will do the right thing by them and their brand. The reality is that people can make mistakes, and some people will deliberately set out to do damage. Your brand may be the unwitting victim of a disgruntled ex-employee of your advertising or PR agency. Whatever the reason, if your digital assets are leaked prior to a campaign beginning, there is no way to ‘put the toothpaste back in the tube.’ The best way to prevent such incidents occurring is to maintain control over who has access to assets, through a solution such as Lookatme™.

Reason #5. It’s essential to maintain a ‘single source of truth’ for all of your digital assets

If you are like many brand managers, you may have all of the final digital assets used in your communication and marketing campaign, however you may not have the original images, graphics, video and artwork on which they are based. More often than not they reside with the original creator. What if you need to make changes, but need someone rather than the original author to make them? What if your position statement has changed, or a product or even the brand itself? How do you maintain control over every application of digital asset? The answer is a solution such as Lookatme™, which provides you with centralised approvals and access to all of your digital assets.

With Lookatme™, you can approve a photographer to upload their original hi-fidelity images directly into your Digital Asset Management solution. After you’ve approved them for publication and provided your agency or designer with access to these images for use in other projects, you can also manage them through the same solution. Along the way, you can have derivatives of the same images created automatically, while still keeping the original hi-fidelity image. At the end of the project or campaign, you end up with the final digital assets, as well as all of the artwork, derivatives and original hi-fidelity images. Equally as important, the workflows, metadata and approval records along the way allow you (and anyone else you approve) to access what is now a treasure chest of professional catalogued digital assets for any future approved used. What’s more, Lookatme™ even allows you to send automatic alerts for digital assets where usage rights are about to expire.

Reason #6. The buck stops with you

I know we said we would show five of the many reasons why you need to secure your digital assets with a current generation Digital Asset Management solution, however there is another that shouldn’t be overlooked. No matter who is involved with the development and usage of your digital assets, the ultimate responsibility of their integrity lies with you. Digital assets are your purview, and as such they are ultimately your responsibility.

With a solution such as Lookatme™ you have the opportunity to finally gain control over a digital asset base, which is expanding exponentially. What’s more, once you have control over this library you can then expand the use of the assets, making the available to any stakeholders who can help you amplify your messages. You may even find the efficiencies of such a solution help you redirect your finite marketing communications dollars into areas where they can do the most good. Why don’t you pick up the phone right now and find out more.

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