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Create a secure ‘Single source of truth’ for all of your digital assets

If you are like most Australian councils you probably have digital assets spread across individual workstations, mobile devices and software solutions that were never purpose-built for digital asset management.

The reality is if you can’t place your hands on a digital asset when and where you need it; it’s not a digital asset, it’s just something taking up valuable space.

Lookatme™ provides Australian councils with a digital asset management solution that follows world best practice. In fact Lookatme™ is the preferred digital asset management solution for many of the world’s most important libraries, museums and cultural institutions. In Australia, Lookatme™ is also the solution of choice for Tourism Australia and every Australian state tourism authority, as well as countless other government institutions. This is why Lookatme™ is fast becoming the digital asset management solution of choice for many Australian councils.

Why do you need a digital asset management solution?

The file you needed five minutes ago is impossible to find because of multiple users, on multiple computers and devices creating multiple versions of thousands and even millions of files. None of which were named or sorted as accurately as you would have liked.

Uploading your file to a Digital Asset Management solution creates a ‘single source of truth.’ Now everyone in your team, in head office, your suppliers and clients around the world are all using the same file and the latest version. All while maintaining strict privilege rights so only those who need the file have access.

A DAM solution keeps an accurate and complete set of metadata for every file to increase the accuracy, speed and ease of finding files. Only when a file is conveniently accessible does it become an asset that is of true value to your organisation.

Communication with ratepayers

Every brochure, flyer you create to communicate with ratepayers consists of multiple components. The Lookatme™ digital asset management solution allows you to do much more than catalogue and store those files. Lookatme™ allows you to manage the development of these assets by providing controlled, appropriate access to content developers, such as advertising agencies, design studios, photographers, videographers and PR agencies, as well as printers, newspapers, radio stations and other digital media.

Lookatme™ even provides you with the ability to provide approved access to special interest groups, local schools and any other stakeholders who need or want access to the digital assets accrued and managed by your council.

Powerful workflows

Lookatme™ is a mature, robust solution used by Australian government departments and institutions for more than a decade. That experience has helped Lookatme™ develop a set of standardised role-based, intuitive workflows for approval and cataloging, which allows your team to start benefiting from your new council-branded digital asset management solution from day one.

Advanced functionality

Imagine a scenario where a team member is tasked with recording a local event. With Lookatme™, they simply use their phone to take images and upload them directly into your digital asset management solution, for cataloging at a later date. When it is convenient, they can then catalogue these images or video and make them available to interested stakeholders, once they receive the appropriate approvals.

If you are the administrator, you might want to receive an alert that these images are ready to be published and through your smartphone, you can view and approve these images prior to publication. You don’t have to wait to get back to the office or have any direct contact with the person who produced the images.

Protecting your council brand

Protecting your council brand from without is often easier than protecting from within. You probably have many enthusiastic people within your organisation using your brand and collateral on various documents and publications. The challenge for you is maintaining control of what brand collateral they use and how they use it. With Lookatme™, you can centrally manage this process by ensuring that all brand collateral resides in the one place. You can also ensure that all collateral produced for both internal and public consumption follows the appropriate guidelines, and if necessary receives your approval prior to release.

Lookatme™ allows you to send out the latest versions of branding and automatically update documents with the latest branding and guidelines. Lookatme™ even allows you to attach guidelines for use of images, such as approvals by multiple parties for use and timeframes for usage. These features are particularly valuable when dealing with culturally sensitive subject matter or images and video with limited usage rights. Lookatme™ helps you avoid many of the common mistakes made by overenthusiastic, well-meaning team members.

Never lose important digital assets again

With the average smartphone image at over 2 megabytes (MB) and growing, and the average DSLR image at over 20MB, it takes little time for the average hard drive to fill. To give you a point of comparison, the average smart phone image is as big as 15 PDF documents, and the average DSLR image is as big as 50 average Word documents. When you consider how many images your people have already collected over the past few years, you begin to understand the challenge and risks associated with not having a centralised, secure repository for your council’s digital assets. What’s more, an advanced solution such as Lookatme™ can continue to expand in keeping with your demands and the role of new technologies.

The reluctant archivist

Somewhere along the line your role expanded to become an archivist for your council’s digital assets. It may not be a role you have sought, but the responsibility for this task now resides with you.

Prior to the digital revolution, images were retained in either prints or negatives. Documents were simply filed, boxed and archived. Councils often had the resources to employ people with the sole task of managing this process and thanks to that commitment we have a portal into important events of the past and how life was. This process was aided by the fact that many of these images were created by professional photographers, who were limited by how many images they could take by how much film they carried.

If you compare that with today, everyone in your organisation carries a camera 24/7. They are all photographers with an almost unlimited capacity to take 1,000s of images. You need the capacity to filter, tag and store those images so they can be accessed when needed. Equally important, you also have the responsibility of archiving them for future generations. That is why you need a Lookatme™ digital asset management solution.

100% Australian owned

In a time when it appears less and less of what we use on a daily basis is locally produced, there is still great value in dealing with a 100% designed and owned Australian digital asset management solution.

In addition to many of the world’s governments and cultural institutions considering Lookatme™ to be the global benchmark for digital asset management, the development company is headquartered in Australia and the solution is supported by a local team.

Have your solution in place in a matter of days

The longer you delay implementing a Lookatme™ digital asset management solution, the greater the chance of exposing your council to a potential PR disaster. Chances are that someone in your organisation right now, without knowing, is doing something to undermine your council’s brand. It could be as simple as the incorrect use of a logo, or it could be something with much greater consequence. Until you put the management capacity of a Lookatme™ digital asset management solution in place, you will never have complete control of the situation. The reality is that it is surprisingly fast and cost effective to implement your own brand asset management solution and just as fast to get your people up to speed with the right protocols.

Some software solutions just make sense

To give you some idea of just how simple Lookatme™ is to use, there are more than 20 million transactions on Lookatme™ digital asset management solutions each year and fewer than 200 end-user help desk enquiries about using Lookatme™.

It’s fast and cost effective to implement, your people will learn to love it in a matter of minutes and your council can begin to protect and manage all of its digital assets professionally in a matter of weeks.

All you need to do is contact us today.

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