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Emancipate your
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Lookatme™ Brand helps corporations, government departments and tourism bodies control and leverage marketing assets

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A digital asset management (DAM) solution for managing
brand collateral

You have brand assets to protect. You understand the importance of managing and controlling who has access to them. You also have work teams – in advertising, public relations, marketing, and corporate communications, all wanting to harness their energies on being creative, and to deliver a strong cohesive brand. But yet, in these times of lower budgets and eroding markets, there’s more creative pressure. Your team is being distracted from core tasks, value creation, and revenue generation. The Creative Producers, Planners & Account people trying to do their jobs – are all complaining about spending time on ‘non-creative’ things, like managing production schedules, and searching for information (videos, photos, and audio, media in scattered hard drives, file folders, DVDs & endless tapes all over the place).

Marketing director

You’re it. You’re the one responsible if it’s the wrong logo, the wrong image or the wrong footage. So much can get lost between the cracks and you don’t have time to micro manage suppliers and creative teams, to make sure that everyone is using the right digital asset. Are they using last week’s graphics? Has the product manager signed off on the new images? Is this the right shot for the local market? Has someone overstepped their responsibility? It’s time to stop and rethink. Lookatme™ provide Digital Asset Management solutions that will give you master control over who uses your digital assets, what versions they use and how they use them. It will also give you that piece of mind with a digital audit trail to make sure that you’re not infringing on copyright or damaging relationships with important third parties.



Scenario #1.Your client is using a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution and it makes access to files and approvals that much easier. You’re no longer questioning if it’s the right file, if you can use it in that manner because it’s all right there in front of you. Scenario #2. Your agency or studio is using a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution. Your team is happy to spend what little time it takes to add the type of metadata to a file that makes it easy to use and easier to find. Clients are finding it easier to approve videos, shots and artwork. Production facilities have access to high definition video but can send low def files off for approval at light speed. Everything works better, faster and you even begin to wonder what life was like before Lookatme™



Your team may not have the technical knowledge of an agency or production facility. No problem, a Lookatme™ digital asset management includes the type of advanced functionality that allows you to provide multiple derivatives of the same files in real time. In lay terms, it means you’re no longer chasing clients and agencies for specific file formats. Files can be reformatted as needed. Better still, you can provide rights limited access to media and other third parties anywhere, any time. That’s going help you get the message out there faster and with a lot less fuss. These are just some of the benefits of a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.



You’re on deadline. The PR agency sent you a media release and it’s helped a lot. All you need is the right image or right footage to finish the story. On the media release you notice a link. It all opens up in front of you. You have a selection of images and videos to browse and download easily. It even includes usage rights and background information. This is the way it should work and the way it does work when you’re using a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.

Customer Stories

“Lookatme Brand facilitated the huge numbers of media and commercial sponsors accessing promotional imagery”

Tourism Australia


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Smoother workflows mean faster production times. Lookatme™ Brand's smoother, more intuitive workflows reduce the roadblocks that cause delays in approvals.

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Lookatme™ Brand is one of the only Digital Asset Management solutions that allow you to remotely control where, when and how long your assets are used.

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Lookatme™ Brand is one of the simplest and most enjoyable enterprise tools you will ever use.

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Lookatme™ Brand addresses many of these security concerns faced by brand managers with advanced security features.

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