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Liberate your
Cultural Assets

Lookatme™ Collect will liberate your cultural collections and unshackle your team from the drudgery on meaningless, repetitive tasks.

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A digital asset management (DAM) solution for galleries, libraries and museums

When developing any software solution, it’s important to have guiding principles or a guiding philosophy. The philosophy guiding the development of the Lookatme™ Collect Digital Asset Management solution has been ‘humanism.’ Lookatme™ Collect acknowledges the importance of human interactions in the development and use of digital assets and has developed the workflows and tools to encourage these interactions. The Lookatme™ team also has first-hand knowledge of the roles and challenges faced by the cultural space and have developed out-of the-box and flexible workflows to empower people to achieve more.


As a curator you have a great deal of responsibility. It falls on you to be the ‘single source of truth.’ Lookatme™ Collect can assist you in this role by providing you with a resource that serves as a repository of your knowledge of individual digital assets and allows you to provide access and usage as you see fit. The Lookatme™ Collect Digital Asset Management solution provides a ‘single source of truth’ for your digital assets.



As a digitizer you are concerned with the fidelity of digital assets, streamlining workflows and approvals. You have limited time, great responsibility and no time for meaningless, repetitive tasks. Lookatme™ Collect provides you with a Digital Asset Management solution that understands the challenges you face on a daily basis. Lookatme™ Collect uses the types of workflow and tools that would be at the top of any ‘must have list’ a digitizer would ever want from a Digital Asset Management solution.



You have opportunities to promote your cultural collection but limited time to do it. You also have to liaise with different people in different locations, all wanting specific file formats, which you may or may not have experience with. The pressure of these situations is compounded by copyright, cultural sensitivity and approval process. What you need is a Lookatme™ Collect Digital Asset Management solution. It streamlines process, provides remote access to approved users and helpful features, such as on-the-fly file derivatives. Lookatme™ Collect is more than a Digital Asset Management solution, it is the solution you have been seeking.

Customer Stories

“Presentation of the collection items are delivered in a web friendly view with a suite of must-have reports”

Museum Victoria


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More reasons to try Lookatme™ Collect


Lookatme™ Collect will empower you to achieve accreditation faster and make sure you stay compliant.

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Centralised control ensures that the right digital assets are used in the right places, at the right times.

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Lookatme™ Collect delivers simple, bespoke workflows and tools that are tailored for cultural institutes.

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Lookatme™ Collect provides a series of inbuilt security features and alerts, as well as defence grade cyber security.

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