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Lookatme™ asset management support services

Do you have the time or resources to manage your DAM? Managing a DAM takes some time out of each day – time that you may not have to spare.


Asset Management Support Services

To be available 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, it’s not unusual to for a client to have two part-time staff, just to cover leave and other absences – and that can be quite expensive. However Lookatme™ can offer an equivalent service based on the actual on-task hours instead of the coverage hours. This is far more economical.

Lookatme™ offers management support services options for routine asset management functions according to business rules controlled by you, the image gallery owner.

All tasks are tracked and managed through the online Lookatme™ Support Portal so you can get both a high level and a detailed view of everything going on, 24/7.

Asset management tasks

Asset upload

Uploading images and videos from USB drives, cloud repositories or file transfer services.


Adding keywords based on industry best practice.

Metadata upload

Metadata upload from .csv file supplied to Lookatme™ specifications.

Releasing images

As briefed and agreed between the client and Lookatme™ for particular tasks.

Archiving Images

Lookatme™ will archive images and provide annual archival data for lodgement on request.

Custom requirements

Custom metadata management and editing requirements as briefed and agreed between the client and Lookatme™ for particular tasks. For example: special private album editing for specific user groups, bulk description or location changes.


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