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A Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for photo and video libraries

Stock image and video libraries have become an important resource for the creative sector. The best stock and image libraries make the process of discovery simple and intuitive. They also make it easy to understand usage guidelines and provide great tools such as light boxes and multiple search functions. The best stock and image libraries also provide multiple file formats, and a variety of resolutions and price points. Most importantly, they also contain usage guidelines and licensing timeframes. If you’re looking for to commercialize your video and image libraries, it’s almost impossible to find a Digital Asset Management System that provides most of these features ‘out of the box’. Lookatme™ has developed a version.


You’ve managed to build up quite a library of images and video’s over the year. You know their value, what you don’t know is how to commercialize that value. might just be the answer. It allows you to establish a professional video and image library right out of the gate. The system is based on one of the most advanced Digital Asset Management systems in the world that was developed for cultural institutes. This means the type of discovery functionality that leads to sales and repeats business is there from day one. No costly development cycle, no struggling to set up a complicated e-commerce portal. The testing and development is done and you need almost no training to use the system from day one. Thanks to some very sophisticated functionality, you can also automatically notify customers when right usage is about to expire. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, the system is also the ideal platform for you to pool the work of multiple photographers and videographers and commercialize their content.



When you’re working in an agency, you don’t always have the luxury of budget or time to commission photography. More and more you’re depending on stock video and image libraries to bridge the gap. There is one real problem when using stock libraries and that is the embarrassment of finding the same images you have used on your clients campaign popping up in another campaign. That’s why you’re always looking for the niche video and image libraries that provide content that has less exposure than the larger libraries. The best of these video and image libraries provide multiple file ‘derivatives’, clear usage rights and the option to buy exclusive licenses. What you are looking for are smaller video and image libraries, with the technical knowhow and usability of the larger sites. What you’re looking for is a video and image library that was smart enough to use a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution, complete with a e-commerce.



You’re on deadline. You just need that one unique image to complete the story. Normal stock libraries are far too generic and don’t always have the usage rights that making using their images in the media practical. What you’re looking for is something fresh, an image that hasn’t been used thousands of times and an image that is cost effective enough to use. You’re only going to find such as solution from niche video and image libraries, but most of these are hard to navigate and use, unless they are built around a Digital Asset Management solution. Even the smallest of video and image libraries built on this system provide the same (some would argue better) functionality and discovery features as the larger stock libraries. You find the image you want, with the correct usage rights. Crisis averted. Deadline met.


Post production

You are in an edit suite. The clock is ticking. At the last moment the agency or client have decided they need footage of someone walking through an Australian city to complete the edit. You know you're not going to find it on the major stock video libraries because you know they don’t have that much specialist video. Lucky for you, you recently discovered this smaller, lesser-known video and image library that is local and has exactly the sought of imagery you’re looking for. You know this site is easy to discover what you’re looking for, usage rights are simply explained and you can get whatever file format you need. You also know that the e-commerce portal is easy to navigate and within a couple of minutes, you’ve downloaded the footage you need. What you may not know is that the solution that drives this video and image library is Lookatme™.


Customer Stories

“Sell.Me automated rights management handles the disbursement of royalties to contributing photographers”

Australian Geographic


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Lookatme™ Sell allows you to streamline your business, from fast setup to smooth ecommerce transactions.

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Lookatme™ Sell provides you with the centralised control ensure you always maintain control over your digital assets.

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You’re clients will love the fact that Lookatme™ Sell makes video and image discovery easy and collaboration effortless.

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Lookatme™ Sell provides you with the type of security features that protects your commercial transactions as well as help’s you maintain usage control over your assets.

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