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Taking the worry out of a dam, today and in the future

Let Lookatme™ manage, find and share your assets so you don’t have to – freeing up your time to explore the work you’re truly passionate about.

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Security should be high on your priority list when choosing a Digital Asset Management solution, especially one with an e-commerce facility.

Lookatme™ Sell provides you with the type of security features that protects your commercial transactions as well as helps you maintain usage control over your assets.

International network

What makes web based business unique is its ability to provide access to foreign markets. To be successful in these markets, it helps to have ‘on the ground’ support. Lookatme™ has an extensive international network of partners who can help you with issues such as currency exchange, information on local markets, copyright regulations and protections and language.


Robust cyber security

Lookatme™ delivers robust cyber security. Cyber attacks are considered the greatest single threat to retaining the integrity of any online business. Making your customers feel secure about their online transaction with your business is key to success. Lookatme™ robust cyber security provides you and your customers with that piece of mind.



If you’re looking to commercialize your digital assets you need a reliable platform. Lookatme™ is arguably the most reliable Digital Asset Management solution in the world. With 5,000,000 transactions worldwide, our international help desk issues equate to a tiny fraction of one per cent. These statistics are evidence of a robust Digital Asset Management solution, with more than a decade in the making.



Just one of the many security features incorporated into your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is watermarking. Watermarking allows your customers to download comps of your digital assets, to be used in mock-ups or for approvals, without providing a digital asset that can be used in a final production.



What you want to do is commercialize your digital assets. What you don’t want to do is invest heavily in hardware and staff to maintain it. Lookatme™ provides you with a cloud-based solution that provides you with state-of-the art hardware, high-speed access, robust security and maintenance, all for a flat annual or monthly fee.


Fully operational within days

Lookatme™ Sell has been able to anticipate everything you will need to set up a commercial digital video and image library in only a matter of days. Our team will guide you through the process and our Digital Asset Management solution will provide you with the workflows to reduce the need for repletion when uploading your digital assets. Fast, pain-free deployment means you can start being more efficient sooner.


More reasons to try Lookatme™ Sell


Lookatme™ Sell allows you to streamline your business, from fast setup to smooth ecommerce transactions.

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Lookatme™ Sell provides you with the centralised control ensure you always maintain control over your digital assets.

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You’re clients will love the fact that Lookatme™ Sell makes video and image discovery easy and collaboration effortless.

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Lookatme™ Sell provides you with the type of security features that protects your commercial transactions as well as help’s you maintain usage control over your assets.

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