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Simple and intuitive, yet incredibly powerful

Let Lookatme™ manage, find and share your assets so you don’t have to – freeing up your time to explore the work you’re truly passionate about.

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The Digital Asset Management solution is the one that will provide you and your clients with a solution that makes life simple.

Lookatme™ is such a solution.

From your perspective, Lookatme™ will allow you to establish yourself faster and maintain your image library more easily. From your client’s perspective, it makes video and image discovery easy and collaboration effortless.

Easy to learn


The simple and intuitive interface ensures there is little to no training required


You need a Digital Asset Management solution that makes commercializing thousands (if not millions) of digital assets simple. You don’t want to learn how to become an archivist, you just want to commercialize your assets as soon as possible. You can’t afford a big learning curve and your clients won’t tolerate a big learning curve. That’s what’s fantastic about Lookatme™, almost no learning curve for you and intuitive interaction and transactions for your clients.




No matter where you live we speak your language


Lookatme™ is a Digital Asset Management solution that loves cultural diversity. Chinese and Japanese interfaces are available and all languages with UTF8 characters sets (including Korean and Arabic) are supported. Lookatme™ allows clients to select language, provides localized notifications and supports multilingual metadata. Lookatme™ also allows Metadata (multilingual or English) to be bulk-edited online or downloaded and edited offline. Now you can truly be a global player.




All you need is a modern browser, you can even run the native version on your tablet without restriction


Your customers don’t use a single screen to access information any more. Like most of us, they have a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet and a smart phone. Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management system is now accessible through all of these devices. And when we say ‘accessible’ we don’t meant your looking at the PC interface on your smartphone, we mean that the latest version of Lookatme™ adapts to suit the device you are using. That makes accessing and updating your Digital Asset management solution that much more practical and simple. It also makes it that much easier for your clients to search and purchase your digital assets.

More reasons to try Lookatme™ Sell


Lookatme™ Sell allows you to streamline your business, from fast setup to smooth ecommerce transactions.

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Lookatme™ Sell provides you with the centralised control ensure you always maintain control over your digital assets.

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You’re clients will love the fact that Lookatme™ Sell makes video and image discovery easy and collaboration effortless.

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Lookatme™ Sell provides you with the type of security features that protects your commercial transactions as well as help’s you maintain usage control over your assets.

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You understand that you need a Digital Asset Management solution and you would like to know more about what solution is right for you. Make an enquiry now or schedule a free web demo. 

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