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Helping secure a sustainable future for Australian Geographic

‘Lookatme™ automated rights management handles the disbursement of royalties to contributing photographers’


The Australian Geographic – the award-winning quarterly journal of the Australian Geographic Society - boasts an extensive photographic archive of tens of thousands of quality images. There was a driving need to digitise the collection, to seek out long-term collection management solutions, and to explore commercialisation possibilities. Australian Geographic was in need of a strategy and supporting infrastructure that would secure a sustainable future for its business.


In implementing a solution for Australian Geographic, Lookatme™ oversaw:

  • The selection, cataloguing and digitisation of the current archived collection of over 19,000 items – mainly from 35mm transparency format
  • The development and provision of a Lookatme™ Online Image Gallery equipped with e-commerce.


The me™ solution for Australian Geographic has introduced:

  • Convenient automated distribution and access of the collection to a range of client-users – including internal graphics staff, marketing staff and external reproduction agencies
  • Retail functionality to facilitate the sale of colour prints to Australian Geographic members and the general public
  • Automated rights management to handle the disbursement of royalties to contributing photographers
  • A strategy to expand the services offered to a wider market providing for additional revenue streams




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