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Media Asset Management - so much more than file management software

Don’t be fooled. A Digital Asset Management solution bears little resemblance to File management software. Learn what makes Digital Asset Management solutions unique.

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The right Digital Asset Management solution creates a system of synergy between people, devices and digital assets

File management software is not the same thing as a Digital Asset Management solution. File management software solutions are usually designed to handle documents such as Word, PDF, Excel and other documents based formats. File management software solutions are usually linked to intranets, business software solutions, such as accounting and ERP solutions. They are used in billing and processes and for legislative and compliance purposes.

Digital Asset Management solutions are designed with a single purpose in mind, the management of digital assets – rich media such as photographs, videos and logos. However, not every Digital Asset Management Software products is a ‘true’ Digital Asset Management solution. Many are better described as File Management solutions.

A real Digital Asset Management has been designed from the ground up, to manage the challenges associated with large rich media files, with multiple variations and even more file formats. Unlike something like a text-based file, a rich media digital file may exist in a complete version, in sections, in versions with and without sound, in different languages, layered with graphics, without video edited in, in raw and colour-corrected versions, in low resolution and high definition. Managing this is not the same as managing a Word document. It requires a level of sophistication and intuitive workflows that are not available in your average File Management Software solution.

Whats a Dam

Why Digital Asset Management solutions provides a ‘single source of truth’

A ‘single source of truth’ is a practice where data is stored exactly once. Providing a ‘single source of truth’ is the guiding principle behind the development of the best Digital Asset Management solutions.

Providing a ‘single source of truth’ (SSOT) is becoming increasingly important for any organisations incorrect links, duplicate or multiple variations of the same digital asset poses a risk for retrieval or use. Many digital assets carry copyright restrictions and using these assets in the wrong way or when copyright has expired can have dire consequences. It is physically impossible for any one individual to keep track and retain responsibility of all of this information, without the aid of a Digital Asset Management solution.


A Digital Asset Management solution lets you work smarter and achieve more

The one thing we never seem to have enough of is time and the more routine tasks we have on our plate, the less time we have for more important tasks. The task of managing digital assets can be time consuming but what if you only had a system that reduced the time associated with such tasks to an absolute minimum, while liberating those digital assets that are so costly to develop, so infrequently used and so often forgotten about altogether. This is the role of a Digital Asset Management solution, such as Lookatme™.

Connecting the right people to the right assets

Do you have multiple stakeholders who need access to your digital assets? Do these people have differing levels of technical knowledge about digital files? Do you have to explain usage rights every time you send someone a digital asset? Are you held responsible for which digital files are being used? Is your desk the bottleneck that slows down the use of these files because you simply don’t have the time to respond to every request? If so, then you are the very person who needs a Digital Asset Management Solution. A Digital Asset Management Solution will allow you to attach important information to digital files, to make sure everyone is receiving the same advice. More importantly, a Digital Asset Management Solution will allow you to focus on amplifying the use of your digital assets to the very people who need them most. Now that’s ‘empowerment.’



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