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Digital Asset Management solutions have traditionally looked inward. This was a perfectly appropriate perspective when their primary purpose was controlling where assets were stored and who within an organisation had access. 







The power of visualising the needs of users

Times have changed and so has the way organisations work. Teams work remotely. Your people need secure access from anywhere on the planet.

They need to collaborate more remotely and with external content providers. Brands need to support affiliates and teams in other geographies. PR and IR teams need to provide access securely to resources to the media and influencers.

Now is the time when Digital Asset Management solutions need to look outward. Now is the time for Lookatme™.


A more connected world

Lookatme™ provides all the essential capabilities of inward-looking DAMs such as role-based security and access, approvals, and auditing, with extended capabilities including Teambox™ for collaboration, and integration with over 50 third party services for productivity, e-commerce payments and remote/external user management.

This dual capability is a powerful way for an organisation to amplify its visual storytelling capabilities, maximising the value and ROI of its brand, image, and video assets.


Looking back. Looking forward

With over a quarter of a century in the digital asset space and a client-base that extends across most sectors and the globe, Lookatme™ sets the benchmark by which Digital Assets Management solutions are measured today and how they will be measured in the future.

Experience in the Digital Asset Management space is essential. So is an understanding of the needs of today along with a clear vision of the future. Lookatme™ is a global Digital Asset Management brand with an enduring legacy and an exhilarating future.

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