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Why Lookatme™ is the friendly face of Digital Asset Management

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So many digital assets, so little time.

What you need is a friendly face to help to take charge and help you put all of those valuable digital assets to good use.

That’s what the team at Media Equation has been single-mindedly focused on for more than a decade. The resulting Digital Asset Management solution is widely considered the global benchmark for those dealing with valuable brand and cultural collections.

The friendly face of Digital Asset Management

You need more than a storehouse for your digital assets; you need an online solution that makes it practical and even enjoyable for your people to access the right digital assets, at the right time, in the right place. That’s the promise of Lookatme™.

Lookatme™, developed by Media Equation Pty Ltd, is an incredibly sophisticated Digital Asset Management solution, but to users it seems very simple. That’s its power.

Lookatme™ has been designed to ‘think’ like a person, providing intuitive search functions and workflows, making it the friendly face of Digital Asset Management.


‘What makes Lookatme™ friendly?’

Lookatme™ has one of the lowest rates of help desk requests. Including those who are just learning the solution, only a tiny fraction of 1% of all transactions worldwide result in a support request. Put simply, Lookatme™ is so advanced that it makes everyone using the solution feel instantly like an expert.


What other solutions does Lookatme™ provide?

Outside of our Digital Asset Management solution, our API and custom builds for clients, our team does nothing else. That is because we are DAM specialists.

We don’t create other software. Our Digital Asset Management solution is not an ‘add on’ to other software. We’ve built it from the ground up and spent more than a decade building our reputation and arguably the world’s best Digital Asset Management Solution.

The results of this single-minded commitment speak for themselves. However don’t take our word for it, look at what our clients have to say or arrange a personal tour of the solution.

If you do, you’ll quickly find that our friendly face extends to our passionate people who will guide you through your tour.

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