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Expert views and opinions on everything digital asset management.

Lookatme™ are passionate about every aspect of digital asset management, which is why we are happy to share the following ideas and insights.

Value your teams time

What value do you place on your team's time?

Great people are hard to find, yet organizations squander so much of their people's time on repetitive tasks around image and digital asset management

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Revolutionize your digital marketing with Lookatme™ and XL.Today™

Revolutionize your digital marketing with Lookatme™ and XL.Today™

With XL.Today™, Lookatme™ demonstrated exactly how transformative and advanced Digital Asset Management solutions can be.

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5 reasons to secure your brand assets with a DAM solution

Whether it’s the website, online ads, social media, video or downloadable PDFs, it appears that brands are becoming increasingly dependent on the digital assets that make up their online presence.

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Some DAM solutions are patently better than others

Lookatme™ is a patently better Digital Asset Management solution. Don’t take our word for it; take the word of the US Patent Office, which recently awarded a patent that recognizes the unique Cloud Computing Client Storage design of the Lookatme™ Digital...

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How many images does your council own?

“Getting the first big batch of images uploaded and tagged was a cinch with the help of Lookatme geniuses”

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Find the right image or video format for each social media channel, every time

With Lookatme™, you no longer have to spend the time to reformat images and video or pay others to do it for you manually.

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Why our DAM help desk feels so unloved

It takes a special kind of person to staff a help desk. It takes a person with a generous and helpful nature and a person who loves nothing more than helping people. Then why are our help desk people so unloved? They fit the bill; they’re helpful; they...

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5 reasons to get excited about HTML5

When the Lookatme™ was launched 10 years ago, it was a breath of fresh air to cultural institutes and brand managers, and a bucket of ice water in the face of the Digital Asset Management sector. Today we’re taking Digital Asset Management to a whole new...

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How a DAM solution can improve work place harmony

How often have you been in a presentation, fanned through a document produced in Word and realized that the image used is either the wrong image or out of date. Most concerning is that you didn’t produce the document but you’re the one in the organization...

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Multilingual Lookatme™ makes you sound like a local - instantly

Many digital asset management solutions promote that they are multilingual but what they consider to be multilingual is a poor substitute for the capabilities of Lookatme™.

Lookatme™ is fully multilingual. You would expect nothing less from one of...

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A very serious Digital Asset Management solution for serious organizations

Lookatme™ is one of the most serious Digital Asset Management solutions ever built. Other brands of DAM solutions may be more recognizable but in a head to head comparison, Lookatme™ will more often than not prove a superior solution.

Let’s take for...

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A ‘Single source of truth’ for your digital assets

If you are like most Australian councils you probably have digital assets spread across individual workstations, mobile devices and software solutions that were never purpose-built for digital asset management.

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