Digital Asset Management for performing arts

Digital Asset Management for performing arts

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A video or image is the next best thing to seeing a live performance. It's how most people discover and connect with performing arts organizations. It's what drives ticket sales, subscriptions, and reviews. Lookatme™ is the ideal Digital Asset Management solution for the performing arts sector. Cost-effective, secure, and easy to learn and use are why performing arts organizations love Lookatme™.

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If you are in the performing arts space, you understand the value of a dollar, and you've learnt to do more with less. You know the importance of word of mouth and social media in amplifying your message, driving engagement, sponsorship and ticket sales. You also understand that you are the custodian of your organization's history. These truths have led you to the point where you are seeking a solution to manage all the images, videos and brand assets essential to your success.


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When the average performing arts company looks at the entirety of the digital asset collection, the opportunities to create more compelling stories and visual narratives are almost limitless. Lookatme™ allows you to unlock that potential. Whereas you may cherry-pick the very best images for a marketing campaign, the supporting cast of images is ideally suited to drive social media posts and other content.

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More from less

Every shoot you undertake and every video you create generates a wealth of content. You have so many images and videos that you can repurpose to drive social media posts or content that can deliver free media exposure. By centralizing storage and management of all your pictures and video in a cloud-based DAM, rather than folders on various desktops or servers, you can generate or repurpose more content for less. You can even allow outside collaborators or media contacts to find and download assets easily - all under your control.

Managing your legacy

You are the custodian of a history that may date back years, decades, or even centuries. Management of the images, video and audio assets that record this past falls on your shoulders. Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is the best way to retain your history's integrity, security, and fidelity. Advanced metadata features allow you to add accurate descriptions, credits and usage rights. These advantages are why so many performing arts, museums and galleries have chosen Lookatme™ as their preferred solution to protect their collections.


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There are so many players in the performing arts sector. Sponsorship is an important player. Increasing brand exposure and correctly using your and your sponsor's brands is essential. Lookatme™ empowers your team to enhance sponsors' involvement and support in your organization. Lookatme™ also provides an advanced online newsroom solution, Lookatmedia™, that helps elevate the participation of sponsors and your organization in the media.

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Promoting the arts and driving sponsorship

Your communication strategy extends beyond simple ticket and subscription sales. You are an ambassador for the arts. You're also seeking sponsorship. Although you have a kinship with other performing arts groups, you're also competing for scarce resources and attention. Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is an invaluable partner in driving your storytelling. It's how you craft your story to meet the communication goals of different audiences. It's where you store your sponsors' brand assets and ensure you remain true to their brand goals. It's how you show that you are both creative and professional. It's how you fulfil your role as an arts ambassador.

Creating a single source of truth for your performing arts organisation

Your organization is dynamic. It is in a constant state of change and evolution. People come and go. Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is consistent. It allows you to ensure that the digital assets that drive your current and future success never slip through the cracks. It's how you manage staff transitions better. It's how you enable more rewarding and efficient collaboration. It's your past, today, and future in one easy-to-use, secure content library.


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