Public relations with visual storytelling.

Public relations with visual storytelling

good news
is meant
to be shared

The number one form of communication is visual storytelling. It permeates every aspect of brand and reputation building. It captures and holds the attention of the media, investors and consumers. This shorthand form of communication drives all successful brands and conversations across all channels. Lookatme™ empowers every member and contributor in your PR teams to deliver better and more measurable outcomes.

Beautiful news + powerful DAM

The media depends on images and videos as ‘page holders’ to the level that they are one of the primary reasons a story reaches circulation. Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution combined with your Lookatmedia™ newsroom is beautiful news for the media and PR professionals.

Is your news discoverable?

Images and video offer a form of communication shorthand that cross audiences, geographies, and language. It's why it's featured in all media sources, from broadcast to influencers. Lookatme™ provides your PR team with a Digital Asset Management solution and newsroom, Lookatmedia™, to empower your PR team to create more love for your brand and mission across a more diverse media landscape.