Marketing Healthcare with digital asset management

Marketing Healthcare with digital asset management


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Healthcare communications are heavy on information, making them difficult for an emotionally charged audience to digest. Images and video provide compelling reasons to engage with information and cross language barriers. Increase the frequency and quality of visual narratives in your communications with a Lookatme™ Digital Asset management solution.

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Marketing methods for healthcare services need to be updated to meet online challenges - especially COVID-related upheaval. Consumers are increasingly engaged in online research on ailments, symptoms, medication and healthcare providers. This thirst for accurate and credible information is an opportunity for providers to engage in broader conversations with patients and consumers about community and healthcare choices. The question is, what is the most effective way to do so?


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If you want to increase patient, customer, stakeholder, and policymaker connections, managing your image, video, and brand assets through a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is the first step. It takes 13 milliseconds for a person to understand the content of an image. From there, it’s a short walk to the supporting written content.

#digitalasset #health #MentalHealthMatters #Healthcare #PA #image #publichealth #video #brand #community #lookatme

The role of visual content in communication

Patients and consumers of healthcare services tend to skim online information, looking for cues that lead them to their desired answer. More than 50% of your target audience will read your content for less than 15 seconds, so using visual content is an essential ingredient in gaining the viewers' attention. 

The power of visual communication

It takes 13 milliseconds to recognize an image. That's a blink of an eye. Visual content is easier to consume and offers the opportunity to connect with a viewer's experience or needs instantly. Visual content is much more than decoration. It determines who commits to reading and understanding information that can be important and complex. Can your target audience see themselves in an image? Do they identify with the subject matter? Does it reflect their concerns or desires? Your visual content makes emotional connections that drive more in-depth discovery and engagement.


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Few of us have the artistry the likes of Stevie Wonder. He captured the wonder and love for his daughter in the lyrics of his song ‘Isn’t she lovely’ in a way few of us could. While the written skills of a master like Stevie Wonder are beyond most of us, a single picture can elicit a similar response. That’s why you need to increase access to your image and video libraries for your teams through a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.

#digitalasset #health #MentalHealthMatters #Healthcare #PA #image #publichealth #video #brand #community #lookatme

How to build and manage your visual marketing collections

Your target audience understands the importance of visual communication, and they look down on brands that don't, no matter what the sector. The temptation for healthcare services is to underinvest in visual assets, resulting in the same small group of images and videos being overused. Stock images and video can fill the void when the budget and timeline don't allow for the commissioning of works. Other times only original, branded commissioned content will fill the need. In all cases, managing your visual asset collection is essential to maximizing the return and security of your investment.

The fundamentals of managing visual content for marketing and communication strategies

Healthcare service providers face the same challenges as all marketers when using visual content (digital assets) in the digital environment. These issues include usage rights management, compliance (both regulatory and business) and access management. Many in your sector have embraced Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management (or 'DAM') software as a solution to manage their digital assets. 

Why Lookatme™?

Your Lookatme™ DAM software allows you to build a 'single source of truth' for all your marketing and branding digital assets and images and videos you may use for training, presentation, education, or any other use. By managing your digital assets in the cloud, with one of the world's most respected and loved DAM software solutions, you can centralize your digital assets, reducing the risk of loss of assets developed by content providers. Your Lookatme™ DAM is also an effective risk mitigation tool, reducing human error and providing an audit trail for content use. Lookatme™ can even automatically manage updates of visual content across multiple touchpoints.


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