Stock photography management

Stock photography management

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Your stock image collection has the power to re-energise your communication strategy; however, they also carry risk. Lookatme™ helps you manage that risk.

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Due to an increased demand for visual content on digital channels, stock photography has grown in popularity. It has become common for brands to use stock photography on their websites, social media, presentations and other communications and marketing collateral. Yet most brands don't have a management strategy for their stock photography…, and that's a significant concern.


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You may have collected stock images and videos from various sources with different usage rights. Lookatme™ allows you to manage how these digital assets are used, to ensure you meet compliance, usage and attribution guidelines demanded by each stock provider.

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What is the correct way of using stock photography?

Always read the licensing conditions associated with every image you purchase. Usage rules can change dramatically between stock libraries and even individual images within these libraries. In many cases, usage is limited to 'editorial only'. This means you cannot use the image on something you intend to sell most of the time. Sometimes you can extend the length of usage of an image, the usage terms or even purchase the image outright. However, you need to check the conditions on every image you are buying.

How does a stock library or photographer know how we've used images?

Most of the stock images you used will be used online or in PDF format. There are tools (e.g. Google Images) that allow stock libraries or photographers to search the entire web for instances of an image. When an image is misused, or without authorization, the financial and other consequences can be severe. With the growth of AI and machine learning, the incorrect use of images will become even simpler to discover. If you want to protect your brand and organization, you must have a Digital Asset Management Solution like Lookatme™ to help.


Is digital asset management the same as file management? Getty Images/iStockphoto

Comparing digital asset management, the same as file management, is like saying bicycles and aeroplanes are the same because they both have wheels. Digital Asset Management solutions like Lookatme™ use sophisticated AI tagging and visual searches to break down discovery barriers and incorporate advanced approval and management processes unique to digital assets.

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What is a Digital Asset Management Solution?

A Digital Asset Management Solution is what a stock library uses. Brands worldwide use Digital Asset Management Solutions (or DAMs) to collect, curate and control how their images and brand assets are used. They use a Digital Asset Management Solution with a payment gateway. It just happens that the perfect way of managing your stock photography is the same solution to manage all your digital assets.

Why is Lookatme™ the ideal solution to manage our stock photography?

Think of the story about the three bears; in this case, you're probably either using stock images too much or too little. If you're using stock images in ways or within time frames for which you are not licensed, your brand is at risk. If you're not maximizing the value and usage of these images within the scope of your license, then you're not maximizing the value of your investment. Lookatme™ can make sure you're using stock photography 'just right'.


Less work, more value Getty Images/iStockphoto

The great thing about stock images is that they’re fast to access and cost-effective. The same is true of how your organisation can access Lookatme™. Most stock file formats come with metadata that Lookatme™ absorbs and uses to simplify discovery and usage.

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When you upload stock photography in your Lookatme™ DAM

When you upload stock photography in your Lookatme™ DAM, you can automatically include all the metadata embedded in the images when you purchase them. This often consists of the search tags that helped you discover the image. It usually also includes the rights management data, such as the expiry date of usage and the creator's name. It may also include specifics about how you can use the images. Once this information is in your Lookatme™ DAM, it becomes practical for you to manage who has access to these images and how they are used.

Increased accessibility and creativity

With a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management Solution, you have your own secure, cloud-based image (and video) library. It's a way of aggregating all your images, videos, brand assets and stock photography in one place, with centralized control and management. Your brand's Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management Solution will change how your people work, driving greater efficiency and creativity. It will also protect your brand from misuse and ensure you're maximizing the return of your investment in stock photography.


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