What value do you place on your team's time?

What value do you place on your team's time?

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Unharness the natural power of your image, video, and brand asset collection with a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution. Free teams with inspiring discovery journeys, collaboration tools and simple authorised access.

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Great people are hard to find, yet organisations squander so much of their people's time on repetitive tasks around the image and digital asset management. Organisations are happy to invest in technology that streamlines accounting and other business workflows, but they often forget about the time that their teams spend accessing and managing visual collateral. The hidden cost of searching for and managing the correct usage of visual assets is mind-boggling.


For the love of generations of digital assets Getty Images/iStockphoto

File management solutions are a poor substitute. Their structures are unsated to image and video discovery and compliant usage. Over time entire generations of digital assets are lost in these solutions; there’s no intuitive way to find them. A solution Like Lookatme™ helps your team rediscover lost gems and manage compliance like descriptions, usage rights and attribution.

#digitalasset #pic #video #teamwork #marketing #prandcomm #communcations #brand #reputationmanagement #lookatme

The risk you're creating

Finding your digital assets is just part of the problem. Do you have an accurate description of the image or video? Do you know if you're using the latest version? If it's an image or a video, what are the usage rights? Do you know if you have current releases for any of the people in the images? Are you using the correct format of the asset? Is the file size and format appropriate for usage? Is the asset correctly attributed to the creator and owner? Risk mitigation is your responsibility. 

There are sophisticated solutions that trawl online visual assets checking for unauthorised usage of intellectual property. It's a risk for you and your organisation - a risk you can easily manage with Lookatme™.


Save up to 85% of time Getty Images/iStockphoto

A solution like Lookatme™ can save up to 85% of the time it takes to find the right images and video for a project; when you multiple this saving across an entire project or an entire team, the time and financial savings are substantial. Factor in that digital asset searches file management and other types of solutions, on average, 30% of the time fails, and the value of Lookatme™ becomes clear.

#digitalasset #pic #video #teamwork #marketing #prandcomm #communcations #brand #reputationmanagement #lookatme

Lookatme™ ROI

There are two critical aspects to evaluating a solution like Lookatme™; how much time can Lookatme™ save you and your people, and what risks your organisation can mitigate.

How much time can Lookatme™ save you and your people

If you were to ask your people how much time they wasted searching for images, they would probably say 'a little'. If you were to ask the same question directly after they finish a project with many images, they might have a different response. Some research indicates that 30% of digital asset searches end without successfully finding the asset. The same study has shown that a Digital Asset Management solution like Lookatme™ can reduce the time to find a digital asset by as much as 85%. 

Those figures may sound abstract to you because this is something that you don't audit in your organisation. However, think of how often everyone in your organisation uses digital assets, and the actual value of Lookatme™ becomes clear. Web and social media posts, PowerPoint presentations, client presentations, all your print and digital marketing, displays, exhibitions and events…the list go on.


You can’t take back what’s already done Getty Images/iStockphoto

The best time to prevent mistakes is before they happen. Most of the errors that occur around digital assets involve incorrect descriptions or lack of attribution. You cannot blame people for these mistakes if they don’t have a solution like Lookatme™ that allows you to manage metadata with every digital asset.

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What risks can my organisation avoid?

You can break risk into two basic categories: usage rights and accuracy of information. Imagine using a stock image on packaging or products by accident. The costs can be high. Worse still, imagine using an image that you were never authorised to use in the first place, simply because someone found an image on the web that they thought was correct. What about using an image with people who had not authorised usage or an image that was embargoed for release at a later date? Maybe your people could over-excitedly use an image for a product or service that's not in the marketplace yet, or that belongs to a competitor? You'd be surprised how frequently these things happen.

Now imagine another scenario where your people misidentify the contents of an image. It could be a product on your e-commerce solution or an image you're using in a presentation or exhibition. Red faces would be an obvious result, but what happens if there is a consumer backlash or legal action? Isn't it better to manage these risks from the outset? Lookatme™ makes it practical to avoid many of these risks and manage the decision-making process around digital asset usage.

What's next?

OK, now you are starting to understand the time your people can save with Lookatme™. You are also beginning to understand the risks you can avoid. What's next? We think the next thing for you to do is see Lookatme™ in action for yourself. Click on the 'schedule a free web demo' at the top of the page to experience Lookatme™ for yourself. 


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