Five reasons to secure your brand assets with a DAM solution

Five reasons to secure your brand assets with a DAM solution

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Your digital asset collection isn’t stale. It needs to be seen through the prism of a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution to be revitalised.

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In today's digital age, brands rely on a variety of digital assets – such as websites, videos, and PDFs – to enhance their online presence. However, the management of these critical assets is often overlooked.


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Whether it is hardware failure, hacking of internal systems, or simply poor management practices by your people, your valuable digital asset collection remains at risk until you deploy a solution like Lookatme™.

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Reason #1. Data Loss Mitigation and Enhanced Accessibility

Technology advances so quickly that physical hard disks and data-storing devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, can become obsolete within just a few years. Additionally, they can also be prone to unexpected failures – even servers in data centres – which can have dire consequences.

With a digital asset management solution such as Lookatme™, you will benefit from multiple levels of security and numerous backups of your digital assets, providing extra assurance that your digital assets remain secure in the event of any unforeseen incidents. 

Accessibility is also a major advantage of a DAM solution. Lookatme™, for instance, has an innovative app that allows users to easily and securely upload digital assets directly from their mobile devices for maximum convenience.


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It’s a fact of life that business and creative relationships change and even fail. Ensure that you have complete control over your digital assets with Lookatme™.

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Reason #2. Reduced Dependency on Goodwill

Professional relationships with the agencies, photographers, designers, and content creators who create your assets tend to be transient. Once the shelf life of these relationships expires, it may be difficult for you to retrieve all the past brand collateral and digital assets that they worked on. This is especially true if these parties clear their storage regularly to make room for new clients.

The security and availability of your digital assets should not be dependent on the goodwill of your creative partners. If you have a comprehensive digital asset management system such as Lookatme™, you can instruct that your assets be directly stored in the system upon creation. This gives you full ownership and control over them.

Additionally, the system has the added advantage of allowing you to manage approval asset processes, keep hi-resolution files and multiple derivatives, and the individual components that your digital assets are composed of within a secure environment.


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On average commercial images cost $300 each to create. Factor in all the digital assets your organisation has funded, and your collection is worth a small fortune. Protect your investment with a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.

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Reason #3. Security of Valuable Investments

Most valuable assets in an organisation will be secure and insured. Digital assets are not usually considered to fall in this category, but do not underestimate the amount of time and resources that you have invested into their creation. If you took the time to create a spreadsheet that included the full cost of development, you might find yourself surprised. 

As such, there is wisdom in ensuring that your digital assets are also kept safe – especially against cyberthreats and natural disasters. This is made easier with comprehensive digital asset management solutions like Lookatme™, which provides multiple layers of security and backup for your digital assets – thereby delivering protection and a form of insurance for your peace of mind. 


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Without a solution like Lookatme™, your people are reduced to trawling through file management systems, computers, devices and online. The only way to know they are using the right images and assets correctly is with Lookatme™.

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Reason #4. Leakage and Sabotage Prevention

Digital assets, especially those created for high-profile brand campaigns, can be highly sensitive. You would not want images for a new promotional campaign or a brand refresh to be leaked to the public before your scheduled reveal as this might impact audience response. 

However, when your digital assets are held by external agencies or creators, you run the risk of third-party leakage – whether accidental or intentional. Whatever the reason, if your digital assets are leaked before a campaign begins, there is no way to “put the toothpaste back in the tube”.

Why take the risk? The best way to reduce the chance of leakage is to ensure access control. A digital asset management system like Lookatme™ has this control built into the system, enabling it to prevent unauthorised asset sharing and deterring potential threats such as sabotage.


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The frequency organisations spend money recreating the digital assets they own is alarming. Create a single source of truth for all your digital assets to improve the ROI of your marketing and communication assets.

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Reason #5. A “Single Source of Truth”

Like many brand managers, you may have the final digital assets for your campaigns but not the original images, graphics, video, and artwork used. These usually belong to the original author. Problems may arise when you need to modify your assets due to a mistake or change of position statement, product, or brand, but the original author is unavailable. 

Digital image management solutions such as Lookatme™ can help you with that. Lookatme™ centralises approval processes and provides access to your digital assets. For example, you can approve photographers to upload high-res images directly into your DAM solution, after which you can grant others access to and automatically create derivatives of these images. At the end of the campaign, you will have both the final digital assets and all the artwork, derivatives, and original high-res images.

To make things easier, Lookatme™ also keeps track of the related metadata and approval records of your digital assets. This way, you (and anyone else you approve) can easily access your catalogued digital assets for future use. What’s more, Lookatme™ even allows you to send automatic alerts when usage rights are about to expire.


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Control what your people discover and how they use your images and videos. Create approval processes that work the way you want.

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Reason #6. Your Partner-in-Creation

We showed you five reasons why a current-generation digital asset management solution can be vital to secure and manage your digital assets. However, here’s a sixth – and arguably most important – reason: it helps you uphold and execute your responsibilities with confidence.

Regardless of the parties involved in your asset development and usage, the ultimate responsibility for their integrity rests with you, the brand manager, because digital assets are your purview.

With a DAM solution such as Lookatme™, brand managers can finally gain control over an expanding digital asset base, allowing for extended use and efficient allocation of marketing communication resources. You may even find that using such a system can help you redirect your marketing budget to areas where it can have the greatest impact, saving your organisation money.


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