Video asset management, Lookatme™ style

Video asset management, Lookatme™ style

The future
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The visual storytelling capabilities you have with a Lookatme™ newsroom allow your team to work with greater purpose and accuracy, creating visual narratives that allow you to stand out from the flock.

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Video content has become so much of our lives that more than 66% of people worldwide now say it is their number one source of information. This fact is further supported by research that shows the average person views nearly seven hours of video each week. With such a demand for content and other research indicating 93% of businesses gain new customers from branded video, it's easy to see why video management is a growing concern for brands and organizations.


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Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solutions help you manage every aspect of the creation and usage of digital assets, from photographer to designer and beyond. It also allows you to maintain complete control over access, approvals, and attribution along the way. More measurable outcomes with less risk.

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Securely storing your video content

Many organizations take for granted that content providers have a secure solution to manage the video content they commission. This is a mistake. Many production companies do not have secure solutions to address your video content. What's more, they may incorrectly label content or have hardware failures. In the current economic climate, content provider businesses are failing even more than usual, resulting in organizations losing their video content and investment. The only way to have complete faith that your valuable video content is safe, secure and accessible is through a solution like Lookatme™.


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Lookatme™ allows your team to collect, curate and control how your image and video collections are used. Whether it's for internal or external teams, you decide how assets are accessed, approved and used.

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Single source of truth

Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution allows you to aggregate and curate your entire video collection. From raw, unedited content to downloadable or streamed high-res content or delivery on social media, having all your video managed through the one secure, cloud-based solution with built-in redundancy is the best way to mitigate the risk of loss and copyright infringement while maximizing usage and value of your investment.

Secure access

Your Lookatme™ DAM makes it simple for you to manage who has access to your video assets and how they are used. Role-based access allows some to download content for editing, while others may only have viewing permissions. Whatever your needs, you have centralized control.

Simple discover

Lookatme™ provides simple video discovery tools. These tools help deliver a more intuitive user experience and have made Lookatme™ the preferred DAM for significant tourism, government, non-profit, fintech and other organizations around the globe. 

Whether providing access to content for production teams, media, in-house stakeholders or other groups, Lookatme™ allows you to create individualized discovery and user experiences.


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Lookatme™ uses one of the world’s most loved and most secure video streaming service to deliver your video faster to devices around the globe.

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Streaming content around the globe

Whether you're a tourism group or a global brand, or local government, increasingly, you need to make streaming video content available to stakeholders, the media and other groups around the globe. Lookatme™ DAM clients stream video content with confidence around the world every day. Lookatme™ makes this practical, thanks to a highly secure, cloud-based solution that utilizes the features of one of the world's best video streaming solutions, Brightcove.

Lookatme™ with Brightcove allows you to generate secure embed codes, which can be added to websites, video portals and other online assets. Embed codes will enable you to better manage and monitor the usage of video assets across multiple channels and platforms.

Managing large video assets

The prevalence of high-resolution video in production, editing, and delivery increases. Your Lookatme™ DAM is designed to allow you to upload and deliver large video files. Lookatme™ clients consistently upload and provide files through download and streaming as large as 150GB. Whether you are managing raw footage or delivering 4Kor high-quality content for device or event viewing, you can trust Lookatme™ to provide your business needs reliably and securely.

Your responsibilities with video content

There are many instances where video creators retain copyright, usage and attribution rights. Whether your organization has directly or indirectly acquired stock video (e.g. a content provider has purchased or commissioned video on your behalf), as the end-user, you have the responsibility and liability for complying with the terms of usage. 

Managing copyright, usage and attribution rights

Copyright Agency Limited is one of the world's most renowned copyright authorities and a Lookatme™ client. Their focus is solely on the management of copyright for creative works. They chose Lookatme™ as their Digital Asset Management solution because of its exceptional copyright management features. With Lookatme™, you and your organization have the confidence to include restricted assets knowing you can manage the copyright licensing conditions quickly and correctly.



Manage the risk of stock Getty Images/iStockphoto

Are your people using stock images and footage in ways that puts your organisation at risk? Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solutions include features that help you manage the usage of stock images and footage. It can even send notifications when usage rights are about to expire.

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Managing stock footage

It has become more common for organizations to purchase stock footage to fill the content gaps in video production. It is also common for entire projects to be composed of stock footage. Some stock footage is copyright-free, but most are not. The good news is that when you purchase and download stock video footage, most come with embedded copyright, usage and attribution information. When you upload this content into your Lookatme™ DAM, it makes this information available to view, allowing administrators and project coordinators to ensure copyright compliance.

Video transcoding  

Not everyone you want to deliver video content uses the same device or video format. Your Lookatme™ DAM uses a transcoding engine that allows your content to reach more end-users on more devices and in more formats more easily.

More, much more

Lookatme™ is more than just the ideal video content management solution for your organization and brand. It's also the perfect solution to manage your image and brand assets.

Lookatme™ is the preferred option for brands and organizations with assets of high commercial or cultural value. Many Lookatme™ clients manage collections measured in the hundreds of thousands of images. The discovery and management features that make your Lookatme™ DAM the ideal video management solution also make it suitable for managing your image and brand asset collection.


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