Digital Asset Management system

Digital Asset Management system


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There has been a communication revolution over the past decade. Visual storytelling is now the most common form of communication. Lookatme™ makes it simple for your people to embrace visual storytelling.

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Understanding when your organisation needs a Digital Asset Management system can be a simple calculation of how much time can be saved or how much risk you can mitigate. Unfortunately, most organisations don't track activity and efficiency with image, video, brand and other digital assets. If they did, they would be astonished at how inefficient their management is over such assets. In the absence of such information, we suggest using the following questions to help you understand the value of a Digital Asset Management system for your organisation.


Time is not a renewable resource Getty Images/iStockphoto

One of the most significant inefficiencies in organisations is time wasted looking for images and videos. Your new Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution allows you to control precisely what is discoverable and usable by each team member, saving time.

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How many of these searches are unsuccessful or unsatisfactory?

Industry research indicates that without the right Digital Asset Management system, 30% of searches for digital assets are unsuccessful. If you are using a file management system or simply folders or libraries on multiple devices, this should be no surprise.

How many assets are lost?

This happens more times than organisations like to admit. Digital assets are created at a high cost, then incorrectly stored, or stored on devices that fail. No backups are kept, and the assets are lost for all time. Often files are only discovered to be missing when you need them most. This can all be avoided with the right Digital Asset Management system hosted in the Cloud.


It’s in the detail Getty Images/iStockphoto

Image and video quality matters in increasingly hi-resolution screens and devices. Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solutions create derivatives of your original files on the fly, making it simple for your people to access files with the correct resolution for every application.

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How often does your team use a lower resolution file because the original is lost or undiscoverable?

On the surface, solutions like Dropbox or other file managing solutions seem fine. Once you find yourself trawling through folder after folder, it soon becomes evident that such solutions fall short on more extensive collections of digital assets. This problem is further compounded when it comes to multiple versions of the same digital asset. The right Digital Asset Management system can solve all of this.

How much time and effort is wasted because the wrong or an old digital asset version is used?

The ease at which multiple versions of the same digital asset can be created is a blessing and a curse. Confusion is commonplace. The wrong version of an image, video or brand asset is made public. The damage can be an embarrassment or something much more devastating. The right Digital Asset Management system helps manage version control.


Maximise the value of your investments Getty Images/iStockphoto

Lookatme™ can order the same images differently to tell different stories. Lookatme™ allows your team to use your digital asset collection like a visual vocabulary to tell all your stories.

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How many valuable digital assets are underutilised?

This is one of the significant concerns of Marketers worldwide. Most Marketers are looking for ways to utilise better the images, videos, brand and other digital assets they have created. They need to justify their investments, and the easiest way to do this is to use these assets repeatedly. If you have invested in photo shoots, video production or engaged designers and advertising agencies, you may have the same concerns.

The library of assets you have created is underutilised because of visibility and accessibility. If you can discover and see a digital asset through simple and intuitive searches from anywhere and have approved access, you will use them much more. The right Digital Asset Management system provides you with a 'single source of truth' for all your images, videos, brand and other digital assets, enabling increased and accurate usage.

How often is a stock image used that is out of licence?

You may have stock images and videos on your website. They may exist in PDFs, Microsoft Office, or other digital documents and presentations. You could be accidentally using them on social media. Your team may be using stock images and videos you no longer have the right to use. You may even be using stock images and videos in ways they were never licensed. With the proliferation of technologies used by stock libraries to reveal misuse, you may be exposing your organisation to potential legal action. The right Digital Asset Management system can help regulate and manage the use of stock images and videos in your digital applications.


Ask for permission, not forgiveness Getty Images/iStockphoto

The expression ‘it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission’ does not apply when using digital assets. There are very real consequences to your team misusing assets. Lookatme™ helps mitigate this risk.

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How often has your team used an unauthorised image or video?

Stock images are just the start of this problem. If you've engaged a photographer, videographer, designer, in fact, any content creator, you have the responsibility to manage usage rights.

A photographer might place restrictions around how long an image is licenced. If there are talent or locations in these shots, limitations on usage and licensing duration almost always apply. The same can apply to any digital content. The right Digital Asset Management system can help regulate and manage usage rights and help you mitigate risk.

How often has your team used a digital asset you have not approved?

Misuse of an image, video, brand, or other digital asset is entirely innocent. It is caused by a lack of approval processes and role-based access. The right Digital Asset Management system provides a reliable approval workflow that mitigates this risk.

What is the right Digital Asset Management system for your organisation?

Start by using this list as a checklist against any Digital Asset Management system you are researching. Prioritise what is important to you, your team and your organisation. Most importantly, invest in a system with a proven track record. One that is used by an organisation where their survival depends on how they manage large content libraries. If you're looking for a start, explore Lookatme™ more.


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