The value of digital asset management in a time of crisis

The value of digital asset management in a time of crisis


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What’s the role of images and video in your crisis management strategy? Do you have the visual assets in place and easily accessible to develop a visual shorthand to capture attention and tell your story? Lookatme™ is built for such times.

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Not all crises can be predicted. Some we see coming from the distance, and others come out of the blue. Some are of our own making; others are beyond our control. Innovative brands invest over the long term to build brand equity and draw down on it in a crisis. Even more innovative brands have digital asset management solutions to allow them to control their narrative, no matter what the emergency. Here are just a few reasons why you need to do it today if you haven't set up a digital asset management solution for your organization, business or brand.


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Crisis rarely happen at a time and place of our choosing. Lookatme™ allows your crisis management team to access the digital assets they need to respond faster and with greater accuracy, with remote access and collaboration tools like Teambox.

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Remote access - work from anywhere

While your people may be socially isolated, they are still connected. Your digital asset management solution allows them to work remotely, accessing the digital assets they need to remain productive. It will enable them to work with outside teams and maintain brand standards and consistency of messaging. 

Centralize control and security

In a crisis, relationships with external content providers can fracture and break. You may even have to make decisions to reorganize your internal team. You'll only have certainty if you maintain centralized, secure control over the assets you have invested in so heavily over time. Your digital asset management is the best way to ensure that you retain control over your branding and messaging when working remotely.

Use what you already have

Repurpose your existing images, videos and brand assets to stay connected. In a crisis, you may not have the time, resources or access to create new images or videos. Your digital assets management solution is unlike other file management solutions. It allows for easier discovery, allowing you and your team quickly to unearth previously unused or underused digital assets that your team can readily repurpose to meet your current communication needs. 


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The media environment has changed dramatically. Organisations need to adapt to changing narratives faster. Lookatme™ helps, especially when used in conjunction with a Lookatmedia™ online newsroom.

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Pivot at a moment's notice

In a crisis, response times are everything. There may be a fleeting moment when you can make a difference. Your digital asset management solution allows you to respond rapidly by enabling teams to access the resources they need to communicate with those who matter. From website updates to emails, MMS, social media, sales and presentations, documents and videos, webinars and podcasts, visual content drives every aspect of how we connect. Ensure you and your team can respond faster using the digital assets you already have today, using your digital asset management solution.


Teambox Lookatme™

Team box is a remote, secure collaboration solution within Lookatme™ newsrooms that allow teams to quickly reach consensus on the digital assets that will be used in a crisis management response.

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Team management with Teambox™

The very best Digital Asset Management solutions take cloud-based project management to another level. In the case of Lookatme™, there is Teambox™, the 'lightbox' for teams. Teambox™ allows teams to make content selections for projects and make comments and changes on the fly. It will enable organizations to arrive at consensus faster and provides an audit trail. Teambox™ is an invaluable tool in crisis and when teams need to work remotely.


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