How your Digital Asset Management software can reduce risk

How your Digital Asset Management software can reduce risk


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While losing or incorrectly using digital assets may not pose an existential risk, it creates economic risks. Lookatme™ helps reduce the risks associated with digital asset management through advanced access controls and customisable approval processes.

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Protection of images, videos and other brand assets is a blind spot for many organisations. They fail to see the risks associated with managing their collections simply because they don’t understand their value. They are also unaware of how fundamental the assets are to an organisation’s success. Once businesses understand the importance of their digital asset collections and the risky way they are currently managed or, often, not managed, a Digital Asset Management solution becomes a high priority.


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PR, IR, sales, internal communications, HR and countless other people in your organisation use images and videos to create narratives. Without a solution like Lookatme™, you have little understanding of what your people are doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

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Understanding how digital assets are used in your organisation

Has anyone in your organisation created a report on the usage of your digital assets? If they had, they would have been surprised by who is using these assets and which ones are underutilised. They would also see the potential to increase the return on this investment by creating better access and increasing usage.

Understanding the risk of how you currently manage your digital asset collection

Does your organisation have centralised storage and manage your digital asset collection, or are many assets stored randomly? Do you control the assets you have paid external providers to create, or have you left this in their hands? Do you control who is using your images, videos and brand assets through a centralised, auditable, secure solution? Do you have final approval over usage? Do you have a way of managing rights? Without having all of this in place, your brand is exposed and vulnerable to abuse (benign and otherwise) and litigation.


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Most organisations undervalue their image and video collections. They also underestimate how frequently those assets are used within an organisation. Lookatme™ has a DAM calculator that helps you understand the value of your collection to your organisation and people.

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Taking charge of your digital asset collection

The first step in taking charge of your collection is understanding its financial value. You also need to understand your current risk profile, who uses your assets, how they are used, and where. With this information, you are then able to decide which Digital Asset Management solution best fits your organisational needs.

…One last thought

If you can demonstrate that your Digital Asset Management solution can pay for itself through improved efficiency, convincing your team of its value becomes simple. Lookatme™ has built a DAM ROI calculator that provides you with a customised report to help you better understand the value of your images, videos, and brand assets. The report also includes information on how much your new Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution can save your organisation from day one.

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