Social media image management

Social media image management


‘Great shot, but you can’t use it’ Getty Images/iStockphoto

With the power and quality of devices in everybody’s hands, a good eye, and a little luck, anybody could create a great social media image; however, whether a company has the right to use it is another story.

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With most social media channels recommending multiple posts each day and most posts being driven by images and video, managing these assets is a high priority for most organizations. The best way to manage the visual assets used on social media is with a Digital Asset Management solution, such as Lookatme™.


Only the most compliant will survive Getty Images/iStockphoto

As an organization, you’re competing on social media with individuals who are not subject to the same scrutiny as you. To gain attention, your social media team needs easy access to every legitimate image and video they can access. With Lookatme™, you can preapprove content for use on social media and supply accurate descriptions, making discovery and compliance simple for your social team.

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Mining your existing digital assets

You’re overlooking that buried in the devices and computers used by your team are countless resources that can supercharge your social media strategy. Hidden in Dropbox folders, hard disks, and file management systems are all these digital assets that you have paid to create but use infrequently, if at all. You can change everything by collecting all these digital assets in your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.

A more innovative form of Social media image management

Imagine searching by image or video, location, date, tile or tag and seeing, in seconds, the opportunities in your collection. Imagine creating a Teambox to share with others in your team, generating new opportunities to energize your social media strategy.

Imagine using multiple visuals from the same shoot to tell your story. Imagine reusing the same digital assets on each channel to convey different aspects of your story. Imagine automatically creating optimized digital asset derivatives for each social channel. It’s all practical with your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.


Teambox Getty Images/iStockphoto

Teambox is a solution within a solution. It allows your marketing, PR and social teams to work together to reach a consensus on images and videos for social content calendars. Importantly, it’s a way to do so confidentially and securely.

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Let’s go!

A successful social media strategy is driven by planning, creating content and scheduling. Social media image management with your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution can help you with each aspect of your social media strategy.

From a planning perspective, once you have created your collection in Lookatme™, you can review your assets and understand what you have and what you will need to make.

From a content creation perspective, you can provide access to your Lookatme™ DAM to photographers, videographers and other content creators, streamlining approval processes and assisting with content collaboration. From a scheduling perspective, you can quickly access digital asset derivatives for specific channels, allowing you to schedule and optimize posts much more easily and consistently.

Social media image management and much more

Social media image management is just one small aspect of the improvements you can make to your communication strategy with your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.


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