Digital asset management for transport

Digital asset management for transport


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The transport sector's greatest enemy is time. Customer experience, operating cost, and reputation are all negatively impacted by delays. At least in the Digital Asset Management space, Lookatme™ helps authorised teams in the transport sector more easily and securely access images, videos, and brand assets to drive visual narratives.

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Whether you're a high-profile airline, a transport authority or a private road transport company, you have a story to tell. More and more, you will tell this story online through images and video. You also need to tell your story at conferences, events, presentations and pitches. How you manage your collection of images, videos and brand assets will determine whether you can tell your story well and cost-effectively.


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Like food, the faster you serve images, videos and brand assets to your people, the more flavour you can add to your brand and reputation. Increase secure access to individuals and groups and reduce mistakes and roadblocks to creating compelling visual narratives with Lookatme™.

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Building brand awareness and integrity

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Ensuring your brand assets are used correctly is one of the central tenants of any brand strategy, which is why you need a centralized 'single source of truth' for all your brand assets. Building brand awareness and integrity are how you build trust and opportunity.

Building a 'single source of truth' for your brand

Speed of access and control of how images, videos, audio and brand assets are delivered are fundamental needs for any transport brand that wants to thrive. Speed and control of access to your digital assets are only achieved if you have a centralized, 'single source of truth'. The best way to create a centralized, 'single source of truth' for your digital assets is with an enterprise-level digital asset management solution like Lookatme™.

Lookatme™ is the digital asset management solution of choice for many private and government transport brands around the globe. From air to sea, to rail to road, the Lookatme™ digital asset management solution makes it simple for transport brands to manage their brands, no matter where they operate.

What are the business benefits of a Lookatme™ digital asset management solution?

If you're like most transport brands worldwide, your digital assets are spread across multiple file storage solutions, content provider platforms and your team's computers and devices. Apart from the clear risk of mismanaging content essential to your success, this approach is highly inefficient. Research shows that a digital asset management solution like Lookatme™ can reduce the time it takes to find images, videos and brand assets by as much as 85%. Time-saving can be substantial for any team running marketing, lobbying, media or PR event strategy. Now imagine centralized control over the assets to empower those creating pitches, tender documents or training material, and the value of a Lookatme™ digital asset management solution becomes clear.


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That's how long it takes for the average person to view and understand the content of an image. Show 60 pictures on search response; the average person can consider and know what they see in less than a second. That's just one reason why Lookatme™ is superior to file management solutions. With Lookatme™, folders are an option. AI and manual tagging break down discovery barriers, and metadata helps manage accuracy and usage rights.

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How is Lookatme™ different from a file management system?

File management systems are fundamentally different from digital asset management systems. Think of a file management system as a series of filing cabinets; yes, everything is stored; however, you need to open each file to see what is inside. A digital asset management system works more like a library; yes, content is filed; however, you can also visually browse content and use keywords, tags and AI tags to explore and discover content quickly. Also, each piece of content can have descriptions and metadata that ensure proper use and copyright compliance. Lookatme™ allows you to create a secure, cloud-based solution with a 'single source of truth' for all your digital assets, ensuring an auditable trail of who and how assets are used. Simple, role-based access also helps you maximize the value of all your digital assets by ensuring they are used more frequently across more touchpoints.

Why Lookatme™ is an essential element of your brand strategy

Without knowing it, you've probably accumulated countless digital assets. You've most likely spent money and time recreating digital assets that already exist in your collection but remain hidden. There's no room for such inefficiency in any transport business or organization. 

Lookatme™ brings a level of efficiency to your brand and communication strategy that allows you to focus resources to deliver the best results. It will empower your team to work more effectively and with fewer resources. It will help you maximize the value of every asset you create or commission. It will help you centralize your digital asset collection and maintain control to mitigate risk. It can do all of this and much, much more.


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