Lookatme™ Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud

Lookatme™ Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud


Empowering your creative team Getty Images/iStockphoto

Adobe Creative Cloud is an essential and ubiquitous solution used by most creative teams. Add a Lookatme™ Connector for Adobe Creative Suite and watch your images, videos and brand asset collection come to life.

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Adobe Creative Cloud is the 'go-to' for content creators. Adobe Creative Cloud is preferred for most content creators with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and countless other solutions. Now you can use Lookatme™ to capture the content you create in Adobe Creative Cloud, ensuring that everyone works from the latest, most up-to-date files every time.


Measure twice, cut once Getty Images/iStockphoto

The right time to start adding metadata to digital assets is when they’re created. Your photographers and videographers can add metadata to their content before providing it to you. When you upload those images and videos to Lookatme™, you control what metadata is included and what changes. This process streamlines discoverability, usage rights and attribution management. Lookatme™ even allows you to add approval documentation, such as model releases to each asset.

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Working with Photographers

Think of how much simpler and faster you can put your images to use. Rather than double-handling files, allow your Photographers to access and update images from within an Adobe product like Photoshop, where they can adjust images and add metadata and image descriptions. Add to this the ability of Lookatme™ to create multiple derivatives of these files in real-time, automatically. Now you're ready to supercharge your next project.


A world of possibility Adobe™

Creative teams are good at creating hierarchies, not following them. Lookatme™ allows you to help them better manage files and version content. Lookatme™ Connector for Adobe Creative Suite will enable you to provide direct access to existing files in your Digital Asset Management solution and then save files directly back into the system. This process ensures all of the latest versions of digital assets are properly stored and protected in one place.

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You're in control

Lookatme™ Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud is another way we're ensuring Lookatme™ continues to lead the way in Digital Asset Management. Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud streamlines access and improves collaboration of creative projects. As with everything you do, you remain in control of approvals and access to your digital assets within the Lookatme™ DAM environment.


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