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Lookatme can add Smart Tags to all your assets automatically.

Smart Tags are generated using Articifial Intelligence. Every image is analysed for objects and physical objects and mood descriptors are added to your database, potentially saving you significant time.

We also offer controlled vocabularies to help make metadata consistent across assets.

Custom Controlled Vocabularies are easily managed and edited by Admin users with appropriate privileges. You can add, edit or delete vocabulary entries, right on the page where the vocabulary is applied – there is no need to log into a special area. End users just type the first three or more letters to select from the list of matches.

When editing an item, an Administrator with the appropriate privileges can decide to edit the controlled list.

Click the pencil icon and the editing panel appears, then you can add, edit or delete entries easily, without leaving the item details page.

Only authorised users will access this feature. Other users will only be able to select from the existing list.

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