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You may be busy at work but are you productive?

Let Lookatme™ manage, find and share your assets so you don’t have to. Freeing up your time to explore the work you’re truly passionate about and allowing you to be more productive.

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Lookatme™ is a truly original Digital Asset Management solution

Like sports cars that are the beneficiary of race technology, even the basic Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution features a ‘race bred’ pedigree. Lookatme™ began as a Digital Asset Management solution for the graphic arts and cultural sectors. All of the lessons learned from working for over a decade in these demanding industries have worked as a ‘crucible’ for a solution unlike any other. Lookatme™ was forged to be more robust, intuitive and practical than any other Digital Asset Management system ever developed.



You may be a marketing manager, product manager, work in an agency or PR company. Digital Asset Management is a challenge of us all. Part of what you do involves managing digital assets but it is not all you do. What you need is a Digital Asset Management solution that works. What you don’t need is a solution that makes the task of Digital Asset Management more complicated than it is. You need simplicity, flexibility. You need an intuitive solution that allows you to manage assets and empower the people who use them. You need Lookatme™.

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Image and video library

You have this amazing resource of images, videos sound files or other digital assets. What you don’t have is a way of realizing the commercial potential of these assets. What you need is a Digital Asset Management solution, Lookatme™ Sell. Lookatme™ Sell is a Digital Asset Management solution that will make it possible to work with your own digital asset library or license content from others, manage usage rights and provide a white-labelled image and video library that encourages discovery and full leverage of your assets.

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Museum and art gallery

If you’re in the cultural space you understand the importance of digital assets. Your digital assets provide a degree of ‘portability’ not available with analogue assets. They also provide enhanced access, visibility, and greater community engagement and will help you maximize the value of your heritage collection. The challenge with digital assets is management. This is where an advanced Digital Asset Management solution such as Lookatme™ is priceless. Lookatme™ complies with major industry standards, provides advanced workflow capabilities and ‘discovery’ features. Many of these features are unique to Lookatme™ and are the result of working with some of the world’s most venerated cultural institutions for more than a decade.

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