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5 reasons you need a Digital Asset Management system

If you’re undecided whether you want or need a Digital Asset Management system, this list may make your decision a little simpler.

Reason #1. Value

You have images, videos, brand assets, and other high-value digital assets that are either floating around on computers or servers or hidden in systems like Dropbox. Your Digital Asset Management system will put them quickly within reach of the right people, inside and outside your organization. All you'll need to manage is how and if you want people to have access. You can even control access rules for individual items. Once you increase the visibility and accessibility of your digital assets, your brand benefits. With your Digital Asset Management system in place, assets can be used again and again, increasing their value and return on investment.

Reason #2. Security

Do you know the replacement value of your images, videos, and brand assets? Are they insured, and if not, what would it cost to replace them. Once you gather all of your digital assets into your DAM, you will be surprised at the size of your investment. If your business has invested the same amount in property or capital equipment, you will have made sure that it was protected. Your Digital Asset Management system can provide that protection and provide a secure backup for a relatively small monthly fee. 

Reason #3. Speed

Research shows that it's typical for your people to spend as much as 40 minutes looking for a single image, video, brand asset, or document. Now think of a project that has multiple assets and how much time is wasted finding the right assets and seeking approval for use. Your Digital Asset Management system provides simple, secure access and discoverability. Searching becomes simple, approvals are accelerated and project timelines streamlined.

Reason #4. Control

Who controls access to your images, videos, brand assets? Is it centralized, or is it a free-for-all? Do you have control? Can external content providers hold your organization to ransom with relationships that should have ended long ago, simply because it’s too difficult to claw back everything you legally own? Would the failure of a hard drive in your office result in an irretrievable loss of digital assets? Your Digital Asset Management system puts the control where it should be…in your hands.

Reason #5. ROI

If the first four reasons weren’t enough reason to sign up today for a Digital Asset Management system, then Return On Investment should make up your mind.

Lookatme™ has built a benefit calculator that allows you to create a much more comprehensive understanding of the size and value of your digital asset collection.

We then show you how much your Digital Asset Management system saves your organization each month. More importantly, the benefit calculator also analyzes how you manage (or don’t manage) your digital assets today and gives you a practical understanding of your risk profile. 

The Lookatme™ benefit calculator then provides you with a report that shows which type of solution best suits your current and future needs and offers an annual price. Once you have all of this information, you can discuss the ROI of your new Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management system with your key stakeholders and make a decision…quickly.

…and your time investment to do all of this? 10 minutes and you have a comprehensive report that costs you nothing. 

Try our DAM Benefit Calculator

DAM Calculator


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