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Digital asset management software for collaboration


Whether you’re involved in the creation of a website, a catalogue, a presentation document, video or any project that includes digital assets, you’re going to need buy-in and approval from other team members. Without it, mistakes will happen, opportunities will be missed, and egos will be bruised. Teambox™ solves these issues, streamlining the process and removing ambiguity.

What is Teambox™?

Teambox™ is a powerful productivity tool that solves one of the most critical issues for teams working on projects with visual content: consensus. When time and accuracy are a priority, Teambox™ can make all the difference.

How is Teambox™ used?

Teambox™ is a tool that comes standard with your™ Digital Asset Management software(DAM).  It’s yet another feature of™ that helps you every day optimize the use and value of your organization’s investment in the creation of images, videos, sound files, documents and brand assets.

Teambox™ makes it simple and practical to select digital assets for projects and work with other team members to reach a consensus.

Using Teambox™ for image selection

Let’s say you’re working on a presentation document or a catalogue and you want input from other team members on what images to use. Teambox™ allows you to make your selectionand share your ideas with others on your project team. Project team members can securely view your Teambox™ from anywhere, and on any device. 

You can even print your Teambox™ or create a PDF contact sheet of your selection to share outside of your DAM. Teambox™ is a smarter way to reach a consensus and have a record of your team’s final selection, which can then be downloaded and use in your project.

Using Teambox™ for video selection

Using Teambox™ for video selection is similar to using Teambox™ for image selection, however with video your goals may differ. Let’s say that you want to take existing footage and select edits to create a new video. Teambox™ takes advantage of™ advanced previews, which allow you to preview videos with a time code. With Teambox™ you can add videos with notes on specifically which parts of the video you wish to include, using the timecode as a point of reference. This removes ambiguity and ensures team members and editors are on the same page.

Digital Asset Management software for collaboration

The speed at which projects need to be realized continues to increase, so does the inclusion of digital assets in these projects.™ with Teambox™ is a powerful digital asset management solution that helps you manage and master how you and your organisation optimize the use of images, videos, sound files, documents and other brand assets.

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