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Digital asset management software vs. Dropbox


If you're like most organizations, Dropbox is a tool you use to back up and share files. Dropbox is an excellent piece of free software, however, if you're serious about searching, sharing and securing files that are important to your organization you need a Digital Asset Management software solution like™ … and here's why.


Searchability is one of Dropbox's most obvious weaknesses. Dropbox lacks metadata search functions. Combine this with a lack of visual search functions, and it can be very challenging to find the files you need when you need them.

Compare this to has a range of intuitive search functions. These include searches by keyword or phrase, description, tags, content creator or date created. You can even search by file type (photo, video, or documents like Acrobat™, InDesign™), and format (e.g. vertical, horizontal).™ even allows you to search for digital assets without people. If that's not enough,™ includes multilingual search.

With™ searching for files is simple and smart.


People say sharing in Dropbox is simple. You create a folder, add content and share a link; however, that's the extent of Dropbox's sharing capabilities.™ also allows you to share files; however it includes options for workflow approvals and even the capabilities of tracking how and where files are used.™ will enable you to set up rules around users and roles, ensuring only the right people have access to files. It also guarantees authorised people can upload, update or change files.™ also has Teambox™, a proprietary collaboration tool that allows teams to share digital assets, add comments, make changes and approve digital assets for projects.


Dropbox lacks many of the security features needed by organizations. In fact, if you read the news, you will know that Dropbox has been a significant target by hackers for years. There are also security issues related to the inability to lock folders.

Your™ digital asset management software sits behind one of the most secure firewalls available. In addition to that, you can use™ to manage access via roles and other security features. If you incorporate™ advanced tracking capabilities, you can even track how and where many files are used outside the system.


Dropbox lets you set up a free subscription; however it's limited to 2GB of storage. To put that into context, the average 4K move is 100GB. Dropbox also reserves the right to delete inactive accounts, which means you could lose important files. Dropbox provides paid solutions however even the most expensive solution lacks many of the standard features of™.

In comparison™ Starter subscription provides you with features such as advanced search and administration functions, automatic derivative creation and Teamboards™ for less than the cost of a professional package in Dropbox

Something else

Let's say that Dropbox is so deeply entrenched in your corporate culture, the thought of changing how the majority of user's store and share files is inconceivable.™ allows you to integrate with Dropbox, utilising the features your people love while providing you with a full feature digital asset management solution, complete with your own digital asset library, as well as advanced search and administration functions.

Book in for a webinar today to learn first-hand how™ can transform how you search, share and secure your digital assets.

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