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Why our DAM help desk feels so unloved

It takes a special kind of person to staff a help desk. It takes a person with a generous and helpful nature and a person who loves nothing more than helping people. Then why are our help desk people so unloved? They fit the bill; they’re helpful; they have generous spirits and love nothing more than to help.

Is our Digital Asset Management solution at fault?

A help desk is only helpful if you need help and it seems our clients don’t need much help. They all seem to be able to learn how to use our Digital Asset Management solution in no time. Even those who have just joined the organization seem to be comfortable with the system in just a few minutes.

Our clients also don’t seem to have many problems learning new tools, dealing with systems updates and even accessing their Digital Asset Management solution through mobile devices.

Is our Digital Asset Management solution that robust?

Much to the chagrin of our lonely help desk staff, our Digital Asset Management system seems to be almost bullet proof. It appears that with the 20 million transactions that Lookatme™ handles for 200,000 users each year, there are only 200 help desk inquiries. That’s a tiny percentage of all transactions needing help. No wonder our help desk feels unloved.

How can we fix this problem?

The problem is that our developers are always looking for ways to make our Digital Asset Management solution even more intuitive. That’s not good news for our help desk; however there may be a way you can help. If you happen to be one of the handful of people who contact the help desk, please take the time to give help desk staff some of the human contact they crave. After all, we all need to be loved.

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