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DAM for Galleries
Libraries, Archives & Museums

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums are facing the same digital transformation and COVID challenges as other government and private organizations around the globe. They need to answer the question, 'do we place digital services at our core or continue to view them as a peripheral function?'. This is no longer a question from a user and relevance perspective; online and digital access to collections and content is essential.

The role of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums in the digital environment

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums have a unified goal; they all want to preserve the integrity and fidelity of the digital collections they have been entrusted with and built. Few solutions understand the weight of this responsibility more than Lookatme™, and even fewer have provided a Digital Asset Management solution designed to meet the sector's goals.

How to manage access to your digital collections and archives

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums have a unique set of needs and responsibilities in managing their digital collections. Some assets may need to be readily available. Yet others need controlled and secure access. Assets themselves need to be curated using accepted industry metadata schemas such as SPECTRUM, AGLS and RAD. Some collections may be freely available, whereas others need to be monetized with royalty-based reproduction or advertising revenue.

Every aspect of this process can be managed with a specialized Digital Asset Management solution built in collaboration with the GLAM sector, such as Lookatme™.

The role of Lookatme™ in the GLAM sector

Lookatme™ has worked closely with the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums for more than a decade, providing what is widely considered to be the Digital Asset Management solution with the highest user acceptance in the sector.  Working with an organisation such as Museums Victoria, Copyright Agency Limited, Transport for NSW Historical Archive, Fred Williams Estate, Universal Images Group and other Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums around the globe, Lookatme™ has built an exceptional understanding of the needs and goals of the sector.

Innovations that drive digital transformation

This knowledge has been a cornerstone in the evolution of the Lookatme™ DAM. It continues to drive innovations that allow clients to develop ecosystems that improve access across channels and touchpoints while providing greater tracking and management capabilities. Recent developments now allow for multiple opportunities to monetize collections directly through the Lookatme™ DAM.

Archive Collection Management Systems/h3>

Lookatme™ is a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR) as specified by RLG/OCLC can be integrated with Archive Collection Management Systems (ACMS) such as Axiell, Emu and Vernon.

Customer and stakeholder management

One of the features of Lookatme™ is its ability to integrate seamlessly with CRM and email solutions such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Mail Monitor, Zoho and many others.

Website integration

Lookatme™ also integrates seamlessly with website content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Sitecore and Kentico. This integration allows approved users to add images, videos, audio files and other digital assets into websites and online solutions, either directly or through embed codes. Lookatme™ embed codes allow content to be managed centrally through the DAM while providing additional user experience features.

Records management systems 

Lookatme™ also allows Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums to integrate with a range of Records Management Systems (RMS) such as Micro Focus Content Manager (TRIM).  

How Lookatme™ can help you achieve your digital transformation

Lookatme™ is more than just an innovative cloud-based digital asset management solution. It is also a team of passionate, experienced and knowledgeable people that have guided countless organizations like yours through this digital transformation process. Reach out to the Lookatme™ team and begin your journey to elevate your collection to the level of awareness and status it deserves.

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