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Digital Asset Management for Professional Services businesses

It may surprise you to discover successful Professional Services and Consulting companies spend an average of 7.5% of their revenue on marketing. Half of this is spent on online marketing and an average of 27% is spent on content creation. The more successful of these organisations use Digital Asset Management software to manage control and repurposing of their content marketing investment.

What is Digital Asset Management software?

Digital Asset Management software performs three key functions. It allows organisations to collect and curate digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, documents with visual content and brand assets in one secure cloud-based location. It allows for simple, fast, intuitive discovery that increases the value of each asset by enabling reuse and repurposing. It reduces risks associated with loss or incorrect use of assets.

A 'single source of truth' for all of your digital assets

Even if your organisation uses a centralised file management system, it is most likely unsuited to digital assets such as images, videos and brand assets. Whether you're using these visual and audio assets for marketing or communications for projects you are working on, these assets and versions of assets need the technology only a Digital Asset Management solution can provide.  This starts with the collection and curation of digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, documents with visual content and brand assets in one secure, cloud-based location. This process alone helps you understand the potential of your collection. It takes control of these assets away from content creators and allows you complete control. 

Control over your marketing and digital asset investment

Once you understand your collection, you then have a greater chance of reducing duplication of assets and ensure future investments go where they are needed. Rather than pay for another shoot or buying more stock images, you may find you already have those assets in your collection. You can also expand usage of approved assets by role or by other criteria, thereby increasing the return on your investment. You can even do the inverse - limit who has access and how they can use these assets. This is an important risk mitigation tool, ensuring that you don't breach copyright rules or organisation rules on sensitive content.

Better, faster, smarter, more intuitive discovery

Technology works best when it feels natural. Unlike a document that has a very specific purpose, digital assets can be used countless times for many different purposes. For this reason, intuitive and visual discovery is much more important than with other file management systems. This is where Digital Asset Management solutions like Lookatme™ excel. By using AI tagging, metadata and visual discovery, asset reusage and repurposing increase exponentially. Now you can empower anyone on your team with your own digital asset library, designed to work the way you and your people like to work, and with greater speed and accuracy.

Other functions of Digital Asset Management software

Have you or a team member been working on a project only to find out that an important image or video is the wrong format? Have you used the wrong image in an important document because the title didn't have enough of a description? Has someone used an unauthorised or out of date logo or brand asset that has caused great embarrassment or loss? A Digital Asset Management solution, like Lookatme™ protects against all of these risks.

'Is an organisation of our size suited to having a Digital Asset Management solution?'

There is a tipping point when Digital Asset Management becomes an essential piece of business software, and that tipping point is about 800 digital assets. That may seem like a lot but once you start collecting all of your logos and brand assets, every image and video used throughout your organisation, every stock image, illustration, ad and countless other marketing asset, most organisations find they are well past that threshold.

ROI on your Digital Asset Management investment

Your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management software will cost you the equivalent of a few chargeable hours per month. This is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it can deliver and is nothing compared to the time and resources saved. What's more, once you collected all of your digital assets in the once place, you will most likely have all you need to power those social media, email or other marketing strategies you've been planning.

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