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A very serious Digital Asset Management solution for serious organizations


Lookatme™ is one of the most serious Digital Asset Management solutions ever built. Other brands of DAM solutions may be more recognizable but in a head to head comparison, Lookatme™ will more often than not prove a superior solution.

Let’s take for example one single feature of Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management software, OAI-PMH, or the OAI Protocol.

The OAI Protocol is a ‘low-barrier mechanism for repository interoperability’. It is widely used in library environments and is often incorporated into integrated library systems and personal bibliographic reference software for Museums and Libraries.

If you are in the market for a Digital Asset Management solution, OAI-PMH support may not be on your radar, however this may change, once you understand its role.

What is the OAI Protocol?

The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a protocol developed by the Open Archives Initiative. It is used to harvest (or collect) the metadata descriptions of the records in an archive so services can be built using metadata from many archives.

Why is the OAI Protocol important?

The OAI Protocol has been adopted by more than three thousand libraries, institutional repositories, and digital archives around the world.

Commercial search engines have employed OAI-PMH to acquire resources. For example Google uses the OAI Protocol to harvest information from the National Library of Australia Digital Object Repository.

Lookatme™ uses the OAI Protocol to share specific assets and metadata from several libraries, to the National Library of Australia (NLA). The assets of Lookatme™ clients are then discoverable via a search at NLA.

How would I benefit from a DAM with OAI Protocol support?

One of the key reasons for employing a Digital Asset Management solution is to make sizeable digital asset libraries discoverable. A Digital Asset Management library that does not support the OAI Protocol may constrain your ability to share or aggregate data with your industry partners.

Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management software supports the OAI Protocol, as well as many other standards, including Z39.50, utilized by digital asset libraries around the world.

OAI Protocol support is just one of the countless features that differentiate Lookatme™ DAM solutions from many better known, but less capable brands.

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