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Media Center with
Digital Asset Management

The seismic social and business shifts of the last few years have forced organizations to take stock. As with all paradigm-changing times, the upheaval has also created opportunities for renewal. We've learned the value and cost of retaining control of the narrative. Those who have remained in control of their narrative have succeeded. Those who have not, failed. Every public, and privately owned and controlled organization should now understand they need to focus more on staying connected to those who determine their success.

Control and amplify your narrative

No one tells your story as well as you; however, even with your investment in social media and marketing, your reach can only go so far. To increase your reach and brand awareness, you need the help of free media.  The good news is that free media needs your content. 

Unlike in the past, where media groups had limited channels to feed (e.g., newspapers, TV), today's free media must produce content for multiple channels. They need content for free-to-air, cable channels, print, radio, podcasts, web and social. They depend heavily on brands like yours to meet their demand for new content. That's an opportunity best met with your own media center.

Why do I need a media center?

Free media operates 24/7, 365 days of the year. A travel journalist writing about 'the hottest destinations', needs information immediately and simply cannot wait overnight until your team is in the office. The same is true for any business or organization. Having your own self-service media center is the best way to help those in the media gain access to the stories, images, video, audio and other brand assets, when and where they need them, to fuel content creation.

Why do journalists need your media center?

On average, journalists need to create 10 articles for different channels every day. Many no longer have access to photographers and production resources as they once did. Approved access to your images, video and brand assets will help today's journalists meet their content demands while helping you to amplify your brand messages.

An inspired choice

Your self-service media center is also how the media will learn about what you have to offer. It's a place where you can inspire journalists with your stories, illustrated with your images. It's where they will discover video and audio content that can be used as-is or repurposed to meet their needs. You can create stories that inspire, promote the latest news and press releases that generate further enquiries. Your media center will become your online PR agent, working 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Media Center + Digital Asset Management

Online Media Centers are not new; in fact, successful brands have used them for decades. A Media Center with a fully integrated Digital Asset Management that's new. Inclusion of a Digital Asset Management solution is a natural evolution of Media Centers. It's the leap required to make sure your Media Center aligns with the needs of journalists around the globe. It changes your media center from a basic research solution to a work platform, where stories are inspired and created. It turns your Media Center into the first port of call for any journalist with a deadline they have to meet.

What's a Digital Asset Management solution?

As the name suggests, a Digital Asset Management solution is a solution to manage digital assets, like images, videos, audio and brand assets. Think of it as a stock image library, but all of the assets are yours. When you integrate a Digital Asset Management solution with a media center, you create an environment where your team can create content and push it to media groups and journalists. Journalists can then use those assets to create their own content or search your library for just the right image or video to tell their story. 

What are the other uses for a Digital Asset Management solution?

Your Digital Asset Management solution will quickly become an essential, online, cloud-based productivity solution. It allows you to manage access to your assets, helping approved users to discover and repurpose existing assets for communication and engagement right across your organization. Your Digital Asset Management solution can play a crucial role in your communication and marketing strategies. It's how you can speed up and control the use of assets. It's also how you mitigate the risk of loss or incorrect use of digital assets. 

Who uses Lookatme™ Media Center with Digital Asset Management?

There's a widely held belief that free media exposure is worth three times the same amount of paid media exposure. Free media exposure also adds credibility to your story, because the content is delivered through credible sources. In short, amplifying your story through free media is incredibly valuable. Which is why any brand that is serious about finding more cost-effective ways to improve their brand profile and recognition would use the Lookatme™ Media Center with Digital Asset Management. It's also why some of the most recognizable tourism brands in the world have been the first to take advantage of this new technology, with stunning results.

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