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Taking the worry out of a dam, today and in the future

Let Lookatme™ manage, find and share your assets so you don’t have to – freeing up your time to explore the work you’re truly passionate about.

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Most organizations consider their brand their most valuable intangible asset. Protecting a brand is a high priority.

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a brand’s integrity is finding new ways to make your brand digital assets available to those who need them, without ceding control. Lookatme™ Brand addresses many of these challenges with advanced access control and monitoring features.

International network

Our international network is available to help you address concerns you may have in regards to ensure the safety and integrity of your digital assets.


Robust cyber security

Lookatme™ deploys a robust cyber security regime, providing you with the best defence against cyber attacks. Jammers and hackers view brands as ‘targets of choice’. Cyber attacks are considered the greatest single threat to retaining the integrity brands and their digital asset libraries. Lookatme™ cyber security provides you with the best possible defence against such attacks.



Lookatme™ is arguably the most reliable Digital Asset Management solution in the world. With 5,000,000 transactions worldwide, our international help desk issues equate to a tiny fraction of one per cent. These statistics are evidence of the robust Digital Asset Management solution more than a decade in the making and employed by many of the worlds cultural institutes, governments and corporations.




Most organizations want to ‘outsource’ their IT solutions, so prefer to use the cloud-based version of Lookatme™ Brand . Other organizations want to keep the Digital Asset management within the confines of a firewall and on a local network. Lookatme™ Brand works securely in both environments.



Just one of the many security features incorporated into your Lookatme™ Brand Digital Asset Management solution is watermarking. Watermarking allows your team to download comps of your digital assets, to be used in mock-ups or for approvals, without providing a digital asset that can be used in a final production, without prior approval.


More reasons to try Lookatme™ Brand


Smoother workflows mean faster production times. Lookatme™ Brand's smoother, more intuitive workflows reduce the roadblocks that cause delays in approvals.

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Lookatme™ Brand is one of the only Digital Asset Management solutions that allow you to remotely control where, when and how long your assets are used.

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Lookatme™ Brand is one of the simplest and most enjoyable enterprise tools you will ever use.

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Lookatme™ Brand addresses many of these security concerns faced by brand managers with advanced security features.

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