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Helping Tourism Australia take rich media assets to the world

Lookatme™ facilitated the huge numbers of media and commercial sponsors accessing promotional imagery from the movie ‘Australia’.


Tourism Australia – the Australian Government Statutory Authority which promotes Australia as a tourism destination, needed a digital asset management (DAM) system to manage a huge branding library catalogue. Tourism Australia handles a high volume of requests from various user groups requiring access to this collection. Each group – including international media, trade partners, stakeholders, internal staff, contractors, third-party suppliers – have different access privileges and requirements.


A Lookatme™ Image Gallery solution customized for Tourism Australia provided a system with:

  • Capability to manage various rich media asset types and their metadata
  • Easy control for the Image Librarian to configure the different access privileges for any user registration
  • Electronic commerce facilities for secure payment
  • Functionality able to facilitate the sharing of image collections with other tourism organizations
  • Reporting functionality for easy generation of statistical data


The Lookatme™ solution makes it easy for Tourism Australia to upload, catalogue, and manage thousands of branding assets. It also makes it easy for its clients to access, search for, order and download the right image, video, map, logo and PDF editorial/media release. The intuitive search functions of Lookatme™ allow search by location, subject and keywords and makes the provision of images with accurate accompanying captions simple.




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