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How a DAM solution can improve work place harmony


How often have you been in a presentation, fanned through a document produced in Word and realized that the image used is either the wrong image or out of date.

Most concerning is that you didn’t produce the document but you’re the one in the organization responsible for maintaining the corporate or brand identity and image control is part of that responsibility.

You could have sworn that you notified everyone in your database not to use that image anymore, because it’s no longer relevant or it’s incorrect. This is one of those situations where you wished you had a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management system. Lookatme™ has a module that allows you to centralize the use and update images in Word documents, PDFs and images for the web. It’s all done with a very clever little API (Application Programming Interface, or mini application).

This clever little add-on to your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution takes the high risk element out of the equation by providing global control and global updates automatically. Imagine you’ve just updated your branding or positioning statement and want to update all existing documents. With the module it is possible to do that, just by updating the image on your Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.

Imagine another scenario where you’ve updated a products design or packaging. You can update uses of the images in Word and PDF documents instantaneously. No more heated discussions about whose responsibility it was or who received what email. It’s updated once and it’s done properly. That’s the power of Lookatme™. Now that’s brand management.

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