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Transport for
NSW historical archive

NSW’s transport system did not spring up overnight. It was a journey with twist, turns, tracks, tunnels and open roads as far as the eye can see. It has been the work of visionaries, cooperation, brilliant engineers, social connection and, ultimately, the labour of those who made it all possible. It’s a story best told in images, video and audio records. It’s a narrative that the Transport for NSW Historical Archive now allows storytellers to explain, with the help of Lookatme™.

What’s your story? 

As humans, we are intrigued by how we have arrived where we are today. We want to know what drove the decisions that formed our world. We want to know about the innovators, the trailblazers, the people who chose the directions that allowed us to arrive at our current destination. Archives are the muses that help us tell these stories with a sense of truth. 

The journey from analogue to digital 

Digitisation of archives is an essential function of historians and Archivists today. Once those archives have been digitalised, the next task is how to protect the integrity of the collection while enabling the types of access that will help others play a key role in telling your story. This is where Lookatme™ can help. 

What is Lookatme

Lookatme™ is an Australian Made™ Digital Asset Management solution used the world over by Galleries, Libraries, Museums and, of course, Archives. Lookatme™ delivers a secure, cloud-based digital asset management solution that allows Archives to create a single source of truth for their digital asset collections. 

The technical reasons why Lookatme is ideal for Archivists 

Lookatme™ is a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR) as specified by RLG/OCLC and can be integrated with Archive Collection Management Systems (ACMS) such as Axiell, Emu and Vernon. Lookatme™ also allows Archives to integrate with a range of Records Management Systems (RMS) such as Micro Focus Content Manager (TRIM). 

The human reasons why Lookatme is ideal for Archives 

Lookatme™ is much more than just a digital archival system. It's a solution designed to bring collections to life. Lookatme™ provides options for integrating images and videos into websites and other online solutions, increasing access while protecting the story's accuracy, crediting the creator and controlling asset lifecycles. 

Website and other integrations

Lookatme™ integrates seamlessly with website content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Sitecore and Kentico. This integration allows approved users to publish images, videos, audio files and other digital assets on websites and online solutions. Another feature of Lookatme™ is its ability to integrate seamlessly with CRM and email solutions such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Mail Monitor, Zoho and many others.

Breathing new life into our past

The Transport for NSW Historical Archive is no longer a collection stored away and unable to be accessed and enjoyed. Lookatme™ has allowed the team at Transport for NSW historical archive to bring this history back to life, and with it the opportunity for all of us to learn both from our successes and our failures. Archives don’t have to be nostalgic journeys. They can be journeys of discovery that remind us of who we once were and who we are today. At Lookatme™ we are proud to play our small part in telling the stories that matter to us all. 

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