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Some DAM solutions are patently better than others

Lookatme™ is a patently better Digital Asset Management solution. Don’t take our word for it; take the word of the US Patent Office, which recently awarded a patent that recognizes the unique Cloud Computing Client Storage design of the Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution.

Copies are a poor substitute for an original

In the software world, there are innovators, and there are followers. The innovators start with an idea to change the world and follow it through, leading the way in groundbreaking technology. The followers try to reverse engineer the work of the innovators, without having a full appreciation of what drove the innovation in the first place. The result (at best) is a ‘me too’ solution, however, the reality is that the copy is never quite the same as the original, some would say it’s missing the heart and soul.

Spot the fake

George Burns is quoted saying “Sincerity - if you can fake that, you've got it made.” In an era of digital reproduction, we expect that the original has the same fidelity as the original. This is patently not true. An authentically original software solution such as the Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is a dramatically different and better solution from the majority (if not all) of the Digital Asset Management solutions currently available.

The temptation for many looking for a Digital Asset Management solution is to believe the ‘sincerity’ of the messages provided by other less authentic solutions. Look beyond the hype and only commit to a solution with a long-term track record of innovation.

A Digital Assets Management solution that started life as a Digital Assets Management solution

Unlike many File Management solutions, which present themselves as Digital Assets Management solutions, Lookatme™ started life as a Digital Assets Management software solution.

An industry leader with decades of experience in high-end print production built Lookatme™ from the ground up. He started out with an idea well ahead of its time, looking to solve the age-old problems of managing the assets used in print production. He also wanted to find better ways of retaining the fidelity of original images and artwork.

That was almost two decades ago. Since that time Lookatme™ has continued to innovate and set the benchmark by which all other Digital Assets Management solutions are measured. The constant has been the eternal search for the perfect solution to manage the storage and fidelity of digital assets, for both the physical and digital worlds. The recent US patent granted to Lookatme™ is just a small recognition of this commitment to innovation and excellence.

Lookatme™ - what’s next?

If you're a client who has been with Lookatme™ on this journey, you know there are always more innovations around the corner, and the soon to be released updated Lookatme™ will not disappoint.

If you’re a Lookatme™ user, expect more innovation around social media integration, a much friendlier mobile user interface, enhanced video capabilities and awesome analytics. If you’re a Lookatme™ competitor, try to keep up.

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