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Digital Asset Management
for Financial services & Insurance

Opinions in the Financial services & Insurance sector are polarized. You are either in the camp that Fintech solutions are the future, or you believe they represent an existential threat. Many believe that it's the technology, mobility and convenience of these solutions that make them such a threat. That would be a mistake. What separates FinTech companies from more traditional Financial services & Insurance businesses is their focus on marketing and communication.

What FinTech companies do well

Marketing for Financial services & Insurance products and businesses has always been problematic. No other sector faces the manifold communication challenges of vague product or service attributes, intangible quality, unexciting products, and strict compliance with government regulations. 

FinTech solutions are great at solving these problems. They're great at communicating their product and service benefits. They provide easily digestible information that allows customers to make informed decisions. They create multiple touchpoints with visual content that is both compelling, fun and relatable. This granular, regular and consistent approach to marketing is the real reason Fintech companies are such a threat to more traditional Financial services & Insurance business.

How should marketing for Financial services & Insurance respond?

FinTech companies are marketing savvy, however they lack an advantage you have. You have longer and more enduring customer relationships. You also have had years to collect customer data. Use this data to create more targeted messages, and make sure you use strong, compelling visual content to drive engagement. Contact customers via email a minimum of once per month and use social every week to stay connected and extend your reach to potential new customers. 

The role of visual content in Financial services & Insurance marketing

It takes the brain 13 milliseconds to recognise an image. That's a blink of an eye. It's why so many successful social media posts, pages or emails start with a compelling image. 

When you consider that the average attention span of consumers worldwide is only six seconds, the argument for visual content becomes louder. Whether by commissioning images and video or using stock content, there are countless opportunities for Financial services & Insurance businesses to supercharge their marketing strategies with visual content.

The relationship between brand integrity and consumer trust

Consumers perceive your company or brand through its products, services, image, and reputation. Building, managing and protecting that brand integrity is a top priority for every Financial services & Insurance business. The more you build your brand integrity, the more you build consumer trust. Brand integrity is also an essential element of business resilience and risk mitigation and is the reason your business needs a Digital Asset Management solution.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management performs three key functions. It allows companies like yours to collect and curate digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, documents with visual content and brand assets in one secure, cloud-based location. It allows for simple, fast, intuitive discovery that increases the value of each asset by enabling reuse and repurposing. It reduces risks associated with loss or incorrect use of assets. 

What Digital Asset Management can do for your business?

For your business, Digital Asset Management software allows you to take charge of your marketing. It also allows you to support and manage brokers and resellers networks with authorised usage of your brand and marketing assets.

With a Digital Asset Management solution like Lookatme™ you can take charge of your brand and marketing, protecting your business from incorrect and unauthorized use of your brand assets. 

You can also bring everything you've commissioned under your control, protecting your brand and marketing investment from any issues that may impact your content creators' businesses. And you will have the confidence that Lookatme™ allows you to maintain your company's compliance with the latest Information Security standard in your jurisdiction.

Standing out in a crowded market

Brand integrity underpinned by compelling visual content is essential in crowded, established markets. The Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution is a secure and essential business tool that will allow you to transform your business, revitalising your brand with consumers, brokers and sales networks. 

The most effective way to transform how your brand, products and services are perceived by consumers is with personalised digital and social media marketing. To do this cost-effectively, you will need a solution like Lookatme™.

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