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Does anyone in your council know how many images you own?

Australian councils collect countless images and videos, on countless devices. What happens if a device fails? How do the right people access those files? Who’s in charge of the security for those images? Are these images properly catalogued and curated? Your council can have one of the world’s most advanced and secure, cloud-based Digital Asset Management solutions for as little as $490 per month.

The perfect Digital Asset Management solution for councils

“Getting the first big batch of images uploaded and tagged was a cinch with the help of Lookatme™ geniuses”

The ease at which high-quality images can be created and the desire to use images and video to document virtually everything to do with the role of councils has created a time bomb for councils. These images and videos often from part of the compliance requirements for councils. They are used to document important events run by councils. They are even used as evidence in legal matters. However, few Australian councils have a cloud-based Digital Asset Management solution that is built for the specific purpose of providing a functional image and video library, with professional cataloging and curating capabilities.

Introducing Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution

Lookatme™ is one of the most advanced Digital Asset Management solutions that has been used by many of the world’s best museums, galleries, governments and corporations for more than a decade. Over that time, its cataloging and curating capabilities have been refined to make them highly intuitive and easy to use, while providing a ‘museum’ standard professional solution.

Why is Lookatme™ the ideal solution for Australian councils?

Using images and videos to document every aspect of council’s activities is now the norm. Many types of councils are using file management systems that were never designed for the purpose of cataloging and curating images and video. Alternatively, many councils have opted for ‘entry level’ Digital Asset Management solutions that fall well short of their actual needs. Lookatme™ provides a professional, ‘museum’ standard Digital Assets Management solution to Australian councils for as little as $490 per month. 

Streamline access and use images and video effortlessly

Lookatme™ is a solution that provides you with out-of-the-box workflows built around specific roles. This makes it easy for administrators to provide different levels of access to different people in your organisation while maintaining complete control over approvals and usage. When you are dealing with staff from different offices and departments, contractors, ratepayers, media and countless other stakeholders, this workflow reduces the burden on administrators, increasing accessibility and the appropriate usage of these assets while maintaining security.

Lookatme™ even has some capabilities of tracking the use and expiration of images outside of the system, providing alerts and email notifications…but these are just a few of the benefits of Lookatme™.

Email or call for a free tour

If you would like an obligation free tour of the Digital Asset Management solution that can potentially revolutionise the way you access, control and manage the usage of images and video for your council, email us at or call Peter Borg on +61 403 006 532.

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