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Multilingual Lookatme™ makes you sound like a local - instantly


Many digital asset management solutions promote that they are multilingual but what they consider to be multilingual is a poor substitute for the capabilities of Lookatme™.

Lookatme™ is fully multilingual. You would expect nothing less from one of the world’s most advanced Digital Asset Management solutions.

Lookatme™ is a Digital Asset Management solution that loves cultural diversity. Chinese and Japanese interfaces are available and all languages with UTF8 characters sets (including Korean and Thai) are supported. Lookatme™ allows end-users to select language, provide localised notifications and supports multilingual metadata. Lookatme™ also allows Metadata (multilingual or English) to be bulk-edited online or downloaded and edited offline.

Every text field in Lookatme™ is multilingual

Most Digital Asset Management solutions only do a selection of fields. This makes them impractical or clumsy to use in most multilingual contexts. In comparison, every text field in Lookatme™ is multilingual, improving usability and access worldwide.

All Lookatme™ notification emails are multilingual

There is no point having a multilingual Digital Asset Management solution that goes part of the way. That is why all Lookatme™ notification emails are multilingual. This even extends to meet the exacting standards required for Japanese email.

Lookatme™ allows end-users to select a language on the fly

Lookatme™ allows end-users to select a language on the fly, and switch between languages at any time. Even if you don’t speak English at all, you will find it easy to use a Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution, because everything is multilingual, even the administration settings at the back end.

The only choice for multilingual applications

Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution’s advanced and system wide multilingual capabilities is another reason why it has become the standard for organisations that are serious about taking their digital assets to the world.

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