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Remote working practices
that deliver growth

COVID-19 has impacted every business and organization around the globe. It has highlighted the inherent risks in traditional organizational models, especially in the area of remote access. And it has made us all think creatively about how to adapt to a new business environment, and how to continue building brand profile despite the constraints.

Those who struggle

Organisations without efficient and remote-friendly ways to manage brand assets such as images, videos, and other digital assets have struggled to maintain consistency with their brand communication, business development and engagement strategies. 

Those who thrive

Those with Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions have found it simpler to manage a geographically dispersed workforce and remote, external content creators/providers. 
While the same organizations may not have been able to generate new photos or videos, their DAM has allowed them to collate, manage, repurpose and reuse their existing content, helping them maintain their brand profiles and adapt to new market conditions.

Why marketing and communications is so important now

It is widely accepted that businesses are built in the downtimes, with rewards collected in the up times. 
The alternative to focusing on building your brand's profile today is stagnation, where your inactivity creates space for your competitors to capture the attention of the market and, most importantly, your existing customers.
Now is the time to build your brand so that you are ready for the inevitable recovery.

How others are approaching the COVID-19 crisis

One of the industries hardest hit is tourism, where the most common response is a siege mentality. In contrast, the most successful and progressive government tourism brands are preparing four-year tourism recovery strategies. They understand that the foundations they build today will allow them to recover faster and stronger. 

What you can do today?

There are many things your business or organization cannot do today; however, one thing you can do is maintain a communication strategy. With a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution in place, you can collect and curate images, videos and other digital assets. You can also use your DAM to centralise management and access to assets, empowering your remote team members and reducing the risks losing or failing to leverage assets from outside providers. Once you have collected and curated your digital assets, you can then build marketing and communication strategies repurposing or utilising existing assets. 

The future

With a Digital Asset Management solution established and all of your digital assets at your fingertips, you can implement a new, agile marketing approach. 

It can make social media management easier, sales and pitch document creation simpler and faster, and create a more agile, organization-wide communication approach. This will allow you to continue to adapt and respond to changing market conditions well beyond the current COVID-19 crisis.

Funds are tight.
How do I fund a Digital Asset Management solution?

A Digital Asset Management solution, such as Lookatme is well within reach of most business and organizations. The time-saving and risk mitigation alone make such an investment worthwhile. However, if you need help, governments around the globe recognise that businesses and organization's need financial assistance to survive this current crisis. In response, many offer loans and grants to help fund activities that will make organizations survive and thrive. Check what is on offer in your country.

What does the right Digital Asset Management for me cost?

Digital Asset Management solutions vary significantly in cost and quality. Choosing the right fit for you and your organization can be challenging, which is why Lookatme has created a comprehensive ROI calculator that helps you understand what the right DAM is for you, what investment you need to make and what benefits you will receive.

Try our DAM Cost Calculator

DAM Calculator


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