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Revolutionize your digital marketing with Lookatme™ and XL.Today™


With XL.Today™, Lookatme™ demonstrated exactly how transformative and advanced Digital Asset Management solutions can be.


XL.Today™ extends the capability of your Lookatme™ DAM to power your digital marketing capabilities. Now you can select 'campaign' within your Lookatme™ DAM, and your approved images are automatically available for campaigns in what is possibly the most intuitive and streamlined five-channel digital marketing platforms.

Imagine you want to send personalized email and SMS campaigns. Then add a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post, all within a few short minutes. Imagine running multiple campaigns with similar content to different target audiences and comparing results visually. This is the power of Lookatme™ with XL.Today™.

 XL.Today™. Powered by Lookatme™

XL.Today™ is only available with Lookatme™ at its heart. Why? The design team at XL.Today™ wanted to design the world's most advanced, intuitive and professional visual digital marketing platform. To achieve this, they knew they needed a digital asset management solution that was both an innovator and world leader. They chose Lookatme™ based on features and reputation. They believed Lookatme™ derivatives were key to providing a solution where images were optimized by channel. The ability of Lookatme™ to access metadata embedded in images, plus its bulk editing functions enable XL.Today™ to streamline campaign workflows. Lookatme™ advanced video capabilities and Dropbox™ integration are also informing XL.Today™ future development plans.

What can XL.Today™ do to add value to your existing Lookatme™ solution today?

You have already used your Lookatme™ digital asset management solution to curate all of your digital assets and make them accessible. You also use Lookatme™ to manage usage rights and the accuracy of metadata. It is a natural extension to apply the use of XL.Today™ to broadcast these assets and increase engagement with key target audiences.

Use XL.Today™ to create highly targeted customer segments, then send personalized messages on email and SMS. Then amplify reach and engagement to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in one simple, fast and intuitive workflow. Measure and compare results, then use that information to drive even more effective campaigns.

Add value to every digital asset

Your digital assets are only valuable if used. In recent surveys, marketers identified that finding better ways to repurpose content* was a high priority. You probably have the same issue; however, your Lookatme™ solution already solves the problem of accessibility and image management. XL.Today™ is all you need to complete your digital marketing solution.

Images and experiences

If part of your role is to promote experiences, then images are key. We all use images to capture experiences. The language of social media is images. It makes sense to use the images you already have to drive your marketing experience. Talk to your Lookatme™ representative today on how you can use Lookatme™ and XL.Today™ to transform your digital marketing campaigns.

*2016 B2C Content Marketing Trends-North America: Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs

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