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What is Digital Asset Management?


Before you understand what Digital Asset Management is, you need to start with ‘what are digital assets?’. Digital asset is a broad term used to cover digital images, digital video and audio recordings and digital documents.

Digital Asset Management usually refers to software solutions that help you collect, curate and manage the use of all your digital assets.

‘What is the difference between software that manages files and Digital Asset Management?’

File Management solutions focus on storage. Digital Asset Management solutions work more like libraries, in fact, stock photo libraries are Digital Asset Management solutions. Digital Asset Management solutions like Lookatme™ are designed to provide controlled access to digital assets, making them easier to find and use in an approved way. Most Digital Asset Management solutions required secure login to access collections.

‘How are Digital Asset Management solutions used?’

If you’re a brand, you may use your Digital Asset Management solution to provide controlled access to your brand assets - images and videos - to your design studio, agency or PR consultants.

Digital Asset Management solutions like Lookatme™ can also work the other way. You can provide access to wholesalers or content providers, who can upload digital assets. Then you can control how these assets are used and who has access.

‘Why is the demand for Digital Asset Management solutions increasing so fast?’

The demand for Digital Asset Management solutions has never been higher. Organizations are drowning in images, videos, brand assets and other digital documents. Digital transformation demands that organizations find more effective ways to collect, collate and manage usage of these assets. Reasons for this include increasing the return on investment in digital asset and content creation, as well as the need to manage the risks associated with misuse of these assets.

‘What should I look for in a Digital Asset Management solution?

Like all software, a Digital Asset Management solution should be judged on the return on investment. Think in terms of how many people in your organization waste valuable time searching for assets that with Lookatme™ would be right at their fingertips. Think how little control you have over the use of these assets today and how Lookatme™ can help you mitigate risk. Think of the investment you have made in assets that are rarely used, or worse still, have disappeared into a folder somewhere. Think of the assets that have been lost because of failed hardware. All of this is preventable with Lookatme™ in the cloud. Look at how useful and how valuable all of your digital assets are to your organization, then weigh up if a solution like Lookatme™ is worth the investment.

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